The Designers Chic

Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Ralph found something in one of the bushes outside in our backyard. He was doing some yard work when he noticed out dog Sunny getting excited and going into the bush just outside our kitchen window. He was trimming the bush on the other side of the house and didn't think much about it. It wasn't until he to inspect the shrub that is just outside our kitchen that he saw it. A perfectly made nest with 3 little baby birds in it. Ralph got excited and called to me right away. I could not believe how perfectly shaped and strong the nest was. How can something so small without any hands or fingers do something so intricate and sturdy at the same time. Sunny must have seen the mama bird going in and out of the bushes and tried to catch it. We fell in-love with the baby birds and we have kept tabs on them. Making sure that Sunny doesn't keep going near the bush and to see if the mama bird does come back. Of course when the mama bird was not in the next with her babies, we saw her perching on the tree branch near the house keeping watch on her babies. It made me realize that even a bird with no hands or fingers can do something like this how much more with us humans. With 10 fingers and two hands. It just shows that nothing is impossible and it can be done. I have updates on the baby chick and ill tell you more about it on my next time...

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