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Monday, December 21, 2009


Every Christmas it has been tradition for many kids here in America to be able to see and sit on Santa Claus's lap and have pictures taken at the mall. With that said we took both the girls last Tuesday to Christiana Mall for see Santa. I was so excited since this will be the second year that Kaitlyn gets to see Santa. We also wanted to see if she gets scared of Santa. We dressed them up in their Christmas finery and head on to the Mall.
Thankfully there was not a long line so we didn't have to wait long. It seemed that I was going to get my wish to have another Christmas photo of the girls with Santa. How quickly it changed, Kaitlyn got terrified of Santa and screamed bloody murder when I tried to put her on Santa Clause's knee. She clung to me with vice like grip and would not even look at him. No matter how I coaxed her into cooperating she had other thoughts. I was sad but I didn't force the issue since there will still be other Christmas. Kayla on the other hand was a pro. She was so excited to see Santa and just hopped on his lap and smiled for the camera. She asked him for toys and other stuff but I really didn't get to hear coz I was trying to comfort her little sister. After that we had dinner at the food court and took the kids to the fountain.

It was a good thing that I brought about two handfuls of pennies for the girls to throw in the fountain. Even though Kaitlyn didn't get her photo with Santa we still had a wonderful time at Christiana Mall. Hopefully next year she will be brave enough to sit on the big guys lap.


The year is almost coming to an end and with that we count all our blessings. We pretty much had a smooth year and we have just been blessed. Sure we have had rough patches here and there but who hasn't? This year is very special to Ralph nephew since he became a father last August. Andrew has come a long way from being an addict to now being a responsible father. Getting the help he needed by drug rehab made him realize that he has to pick up the pieces of his life and start anew. Its always a joy to see your loved ones overcome adversaries and come out as the winner. Hopefully the coming new year will be more fruitful for his family as well as for all of us.

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