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Monday, August 16, 2010


Grandma or Mima as Kaitlyn would fondly call her. How did my MIL eventually end up being called that? Kaitlyn has always been a talkative child, that even at an early age she knew the difference between me and grandma. She didnt know how to pronounce Grandma so she made up her own language that is far easier for her to speak. Well as much as I would like to say my child is not the only one to do that, most kids will develop their own language as they grow up.

It cannot be denied that the sun and moon rise and fall on Kaitlyn when it comes to her Mima. I never thought my MIL would get so attached and bonded to her but she has. She is very close to her, it's also because she was always there from the time of conception until I had Kaitlyn. She was in the room when she came out of me and she cried, we all cried when she was born. Kaitlyn is very spoiled when it comes to her MIMA, I swear if my MIL was rich she would have a toy everyday. It is apparent when they are together how much Kaitlyn loves my MIL, how I wish she was this close to my mom. She does know her maternal grandmother but she is so far away, that is why I have made it a point to try and let them talk online so she will recognize my mom. Our trip to the Philippines last month was a blessing, they got to see her and my family got to meet my first born. I don't know if its true but they said a grandparents love is different from a parents love. Sure you were a parent before but they said there is just something magical about being able to hold, see and play with your grandchild. I just hope that my MIL and my Mama will see Kaitlyn grow up to be a young lady, someone they will be proud of....

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