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Monday, September 8, 2008


Its been a couple of months now that i have been constantly on the alert when putting baby down on the floor.Ever since she started crawling she has been unstoppable. Like the energizer bunny,always going and going and going which makes me the bad battery,all drained out.

At exactly 10 months old she took her first couple of steps, i was just proud as a peacock!!! My little girl is not a year old but she is taking a few step. I was a little bit worried that she might not walk coz she is very petite and small..I call her my little midget,coz she is just a little miniature walking,and drooling human doll. Now,she is babbling like crazy and pointing to stuff. Have you noticed that babies have there own little language?I'm sure that if i let her meet other babies her age they would be talking up a storm,wouldn't that be fun to hear?This couple of days her little legs have been getting stronger and stronger and she is walking farther and farther without any aid from us what so ever.She is a little person now,she has her own personality and she lets me know what she wants.

Giving her a bath has been a mini wrestling match,
DAVID AND GOLIATH, and like before DAVID always wins. Whew she wears me out!and to top it off having two kids in the bath,not easy. At least my stepdaughter listens but she still have her little meltdowns from time to time.

Where did the time go?It just blew in and out like the wind.One minute she was an infant and the next,walking and talking. She will be turning a year old next month.Its going to be a very special birthday.Kaitlyn's and her daddy's first ever birthday celebration together..Did i forget to mention she was born on her daddy's birthday?Yup,she was and husband knows that Kaitlyn in my birthday gift to him for the next 18 years.


Looking in the mirror has never been a problem for me but lately,its been a drag.The once youthful skin i had was slowly diminishing its firmness with wrinkles here and there. I decided i had to do something about this.I went online and searched for something to help with my skin problem.

Dr.Chantal Burnison a renowned biochemist found an answer to all women and men's prayer to regain back the once youthful glow . Her discovery of Ethocyn,a patent molecule that helps speed up the production of elastin in our skin.A product that is for everyone,men and women alike to different types of skin and is safe,and very convenient to use.Applying it twice daily on the face will zap those sag and wrinkles away.

To see is to believe right?check it for yourself and see the revolutionary discovery that Dr Chantal has found.Now saying to be young again wouldn't be just a hopeful wish but a reality.


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