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Friday, May 8, 2009


Being a parent specially a stay at home mom is tough. Don't get me wrong, being a SAHM has its rewards and perks. For me the hard part about it is I don't get a lot of chance to mingle with adults like myself but the rewards still outweighs everything else. I get to watch every waking moment of my child, experience new things with them, get naps with them, learn with them and so many more. My youngest is 18 months old going 5, her brain tends to wander so much that she forgets she is only a baby. With a 5 year old older sister she loves following and imitating her. Lately she has been taking toys from her big sister that is not appropriate for her age and it frustrates her when she can't make it work. It's important that Kaitlyn has toys that is age appropriate and something that she can manipulate herself without help. Finding the right toy for her is easy when I have MEGA Brands on my side. Looking for the right toy for her was easy when they they have age bracket toys you can choose from.

The toy that I picked that I think she would absolutely love is the SHAPE SORTING PUPPY, a toy that will practice her shape sorting skills, colors, and most of all her fine motor skills. I picked this for her since she loves dogs and the shapes are big enough for her to handle and manipulate. Mega Brand toys has other added learning benefits that our kids can learn like language, creativity and imagination, reasoning and problem solving, colours and shapes, and fine motor skills. That is what a toy is suppose to be, fun and learning in one.


Its prom night for a lot of high school in our areas. In fact one of our neighbors oldest daughter is having her prom tonight. I wonder what it would feel like when its going to be my turn to witness that memorable event with my girls. Will I cry? Or will I be like a stage mother, making sure that everything is perfect. What will my daughters wear? Who will there escorts be? Where will they go after the Prom. Speaking of dresses, I was a witness to one Prom about 2 years ago. We just happened to be at the waterfront for the fireworks show when we noticed a lot of teenagers and limos. I just had to go over and take a look at what teenagers dress this days. My oh my was I horrified, embarrassed, shocked and mortified about some of the dresses or Slinky clothes that this young girls was wearing. I mean is Prom about how slinky and sexy you look in a dress? Is it all about impressing the guys? I wonder how some of those girls parents could let there little girls out dressed like they were hookers. I mean literally a lot of girls where showing so much cleavage, legs and back that you wonder if they are wearing only half of the dress. I may just be saying this since my girls are still young but I hope to God that my kids will have enough modesty to wear the proper outfit for the occasion.

This is just the beginning of the ranting of a mom of girls. I will be ranting more and more each day,lol...

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