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Friday, May 8, 2009


Its prom night for a lot of high school in our areas. In fact one of our neighbors oldest daughter is having her prom tonight. I wonder what it would feel like when its going to be my turn to witness that memorable event with my girls. Will I cry? Or will I be like a stage mother, making sure that everything is perfect. What will my daughters wear? Who will there escorts be? Where will they go after the Prom. Speaking of dresses, I was a witness to one Prom about 2 years ago. We just happened to be at the waterfront for the fireworks show when we noticed a lot of teenagers and limos. I just had to go over and take a look at what teenagers dress this days. My oh my was I horrified, embarrassed, shocked and mortified about some of the dresses or Slinky clothes that this young girls was wearing. I mean is Prom about how slinky and sexy you look in a dress? Is it all about impressing the guys? I wonder how some of those girls parents could let there little girls out dressed like they were hookers. I mean literally a lot of girls where showing so much cleavage, legs and back that you wonder if they are wearing only half of the dress. I may just be saying this since my girls are still young but I hope to God that my kids will have enough modesty to wear the proper outfit for the occasion.

This is just the beginning of the ranting of a mom of girls. I will be ranting more and more each day,lol...



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