The Designers Chic

Thursday, May 7, 2009


The weather has been very gloomy and wet here. It sucks since the kids can't go outside and play in the backyard. The little princess bruiser is getting cabin fever again. At least she gets to go out a little bit when we pick up her sister at the bus stop. There has been some sort of upgrading in the cable in our development. My girls get a kick out of looking at some of the construction that is going on. They get to see big truck, construction workers, signs and of course maybe a fiber trailer since they are digging up the ground to get to the cable. They are doing a pretty quick job at it though since they are moving fast and smoothly to. It helps when they have the right construction trucks to help out with the job. Since its Spring there is going to be a lot of Infrastructures to be build, cables to be dug and upgrades to be made. When we go drop off Kayla to Baltimore we often see a lot of construction going on specially on the roads and bridges. My friends husband has his own construction company and I cant help but wonder if they get all there construction equipment from the right company. I should give her a call and suggest they look into AL ASHER & SONS for top of the line utility construction trucks and specialized equipments.



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