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Thursday, January 27, 2011


I took this yesterday night at beginning of the winter storm we were going to get. This was around 10 p.m. when I let our dog Sunny out for the night. As soon as I saw the snow I knew that the kids would have no school the next day. I just stood by the door going to the backyard and just let the sight sink in. I love when it snows, it is seems so peaceful, clean and quiet. Until now I am amaze about the snow, the changing of the weather. When we woke up the kids immediately went to look out the window to check how much snow we got. A lot of screaming with oohhhs and ahhhhs and asking me when they could go out and play. Knowing me, they knew that they had to be extra behave so they can go out to play. Even though it was cold I ventured out and played with my kids.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Let's talk about collections. When I was still in college I started being fascinated with eraser. I started collecting them and I had one big plastic bag full of different kinds of eraser. I guess I didn't take after my mom who had a whole lot of shoes when she was younger. Like most women, my mom loved a good pair of shoes and would make any excuses just to buy one that she would be great to add to her wardrobe. I love shoes but I don't buy lots of them and when I do buy it has to be of good quality. Before we left for our trip last July I scoured a lot of stores to find a specific shoe that I wanted. Just recently I came across Josef Seibel brand of shoes and I found the shoes I wanted, I wanted something that looks like a clog. Why that kind style? It's easy to take off and its easy to slip on and something that looks good with jeans. I just found a perfect pair that is not only cute but its also affordable. I'm talking about the Sofft Shoes of Sofft Women's Laurel Mule Clog in Tan color.

They also have Dr. Martens Shoes, I saw that is perfect for my husband. He is always in uniform, he needs new shoes that he can wear for work as well as for going out. With our Anniversary fast approaching maybe I'll buy him a pair of nice shoes so he can throw away his old uniform shoes. And I will ask my Step dad to take a look at the site and see if he likes the Keen Newport sandals as a late birthday present.

Friday, January 21, 2011


There is nothing better than relaxing on my newly vacuumed love seat. With a dog around and kids my baby gets covered with so many dog hair and just about anything. I love my couch and my love seat and I try to take good cake of them. Our new couch is a much better improvement from our old couch that got so tattered from cat scratching on it. It was a good timing that we got our new couch after my MIL cat Smokey passed away. He was the one who puts holes on our old couch. The one thing that I do not like about having a microfiber couch is the shock that you get every time you get up to open a door. I am literally scared of opening doors now coz I don't like getting shocked. My husband thinks its funny that I put my elbow on the door first before I would open it so that the shock will be on my elbow and not my hand. If I am watching T. V. I avoid opening the door by making my daughter open it for me,lol.. On April my baby couch is turning a year old. Let's hope that our red couch will last the onslaught of kids in the house.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Things are going to be interesting this year for Ralph's niece Kristen. She will finally graduate high school and turn the big 18. I wonder what she wants to do when she turns 18, I hope she goes on the right path and stay away from trouble. Kristen has always been a good kid, like most teenagers she does get moody according to her dad. For a while now we have been convincing Kristen to come down in Delaware and go to school here. She can always stay at our house providing that she gets a job to support herself while she is in school. My husband and I love her lots so when she turned 16 we had a family party just for her. We have not done that to any of Ralph's nephews and nieces just Kristen. In July she will finally be of legal age and can do with most of the things she wants. Will Ralph brother Larry give her a big bash when she turns 18? Probably not, but one thing for sure he will scour the stores, online to get the best 18th birthday gifts for him or her. Or he could get her the car she has been asking for. I wish her all the luck and hope she stays good.


Winter gives me a lot of excuses to eat. You can ask my family what I tell them whenever they see me eating a lot. I would always reply to them that I am hibernating and I need fats in my body to stay warm in this freezing weather. Its a pretty pathetic excuse but its an excuse nonetheless. For months now I have been craving, going crazy about eating a whole bunch of seafood. I miss eating seafood and I fee like the only time I can really get to eat seafood is in the spring and summertime. I drool at my friends pictures when I see them eating grabs, calamari, shrimps and fish. Growing up in a tropical country and surrounded with lots of water, I had my fill of seafood. Ralph also loves to eat seafood, whenever we go to our favorite Chinese buffet he would make a beeline for the seafood section. He love oysters, clams and lobster while I am more of into the crab and shrimp. Ralph knows that I really love crabs but he can't seem to find a good seafood market or even an online fish market. It doesn't matter to me where he got it as long as its fresh and good. With today's cutting edge technology and the Internet its already possible to by oysters online and not only get the best but the freshest.

Our 4th wedding anniversary is fast approaching and we have yet to decide on what to do that day. Go out to eat dinner or just have a big feast in the house. Having dinner in the house seems to be more promising if Ralph can buy seafood and get a lot. If he wants some action he better get me the biggest and meatiest crab and oysters for him.If you love seafood and can't seem to find a good seafood market near you, let your hands do the walking this time and check out all the links for the a great selection of seafood online.


Its been 6 months from my trip back home to the Philippines. Now that it has been months, it seems like it was so surreal. From the time I booked our flight online it was like going on a marathon. Packing, buying stuff to bring home, getting all the documents in order and just making sure we don't forget anything. It was good that Kaitlyn and I got to go back home before Airfare hikes go up again. And if I do get pregnant, we would probably have to win the lottery first before I can go back with my kids. Airlines are on the verge of hiking Airfare and fees. It was a topic that soon babies less than 2 yrs old will no longer fly free. Parents with more than 3 kids are really screwed if they fly. Here is report about what the new year may bring when it comes to air travel. We are diffinitely not flying anywhere anytime soon.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Smoking has been a way of life for my husband's side of the family. Ralph started smoking quite late considering that brothers smoke at around 16. He didn't smoke at first and would even refuse to let any of his family smoke in his car. That all changed when he started dating this woman who smoked. From that time on he was hook line and sinker. He enjoys it smoking and its his only vice. Ever since the prices of cigarette have gone up he has tried different kinds of cigarette. I don't know if he has ever tried smoking a cigar but I want to see him try. Since our 4th wedding anniversary is coming up, I was thinking about getting him a few Black and Mild cigar. I don't know about cigars but it reminds me of my grandpa, brings back memory of my childhood. Anyway, if Ralph likes it I may even get him more if I get pregnant so he can pass some out when I have the baby. He knows that his smoking will be cut significantly when I do get pregnant and have a baby in the house and car.


Have you been out today? Let me tell you its a slushy, slushy day today. School opening were delayed 2 hours due to the icy road condition early in the morning. I got to sleep in a little bit, let me rephrase that. I got to lay in bed a little bit and move a little slower, lol. The snow that was left from last week is slowly melting into slush and may turn into ice. At least it wasn't that cold out when I finally walked my eldest daughter to the bus stop, just wet. I don't like, getting wet and the mud that goes with it. To those who had to work and commute early this morning I hope you arrived safely at your destination.. Drive safe and pay attention to the road!


The economy is still in turmoil. Many people are still loosing their homes, jobs, business and getting buried in debt. I thought the recession is over but that is not the case. People are still struggling and its specially hard when your disabled. I should know, my BIL Angelo has been on disability for many years due to his back injury when he still worked. Its been really tough but I admire my BIL courage and strength. He has been to court and has fought for his right to get disability. Last Summer his disability was cut off due to the fact that he did work part time and made to much. I asked my husband is Angelo will be able to get a disability insurance that he deserves. Angelo had to fight and did his research and as it turned out, he was still eligible for disability even though he worked part time. If he can find a job with great benefits he will certainly be glad to get off disability and claim his life back. I do hope that he will find that perfect job.

Friday, January 14, 2011


One of the many goals I would like to achieve this year is hopefully loose about 10 lbs or so. I have been talking about wanting to loose weight and slim down but I never really do anything about it. My husband has tried several times dieting on his own but falls back on his old ways. Let it not be said that I didn't try, I have tried dieting and exercising but I never stick to it. I lack not only motivation but dedication and had no goal. I have read so many weight loss medication, pills, how to exercise but this is my first time to hear about chromium picolinate and weight loss. Sound effective and scary at the same time. Since our first goal of this year is trying to get pregnant within the next 3-6 months, taking any medication for weight loss will be put on hold. If I do get pregnant and gain a lot of weight I am hoping that breastfeeding will help loose the baby weight. The rest will have to be shed the hard way and that means exercise. This time around I am going to do my best.

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was looking through all the pictures I posted on FB and I came across this one. A picture of my mom on her wedding day. Isn't she just lovely? Guess how old my mom was in this picture? Can you guess? Well, she was 15 years old a month shy of turning 16. Yes, my mom got married way, way, way to young. She was the popular girl in school that guys just go after, the star dancer in the dance troupe. I think my dad was also popular but not as much as my mom. Like most young girls that married young, she was already pregnant. They had a very grand wedding, it was basically the wedding of the year of her time. I have pictures of my moms wedding day, people flocked to see her get married. My parents marriage was doomed from the very start. They end up separating and eventually got divorced. Still, I think my mom is one of the most beautiful bride ever. The first time my husband saw my parents wedding picture he assumed it was me. What a laugh, my mother is way to gorgeous and I am way to plain to even look like her. He insists that I look like her so I will take it since I know that my mom is indeed not just lovely but gorgeous!


Posted by Gaylord Campbell

Travelling during the holidays can be a very difficult experience and travelling with kids during the holidays can make that even worse. Children are not used to crowds and hustle and bustle that travelling can be. If they are tired, it is more difficult for them. When planning a trip during the holidays, you should plan well in advance if you will have children with you. Make sure they have plenty of rest before leaving for your trip and try to explain to them what they might see and all of the people that will be there. Sometimes, if you make the trip sound like an adventure, children will be excited rather than afraid of travelling.

The holidays are full of people trying to get from one place to another and many of them have children with them also. If you remember to take along some travel games with you or if you can make some games up for your children to play, then you should have a much better trip with them. They will be preoccupied with their games and won't have time to think about how much they want to get where you are going and repeatedly say are we there yet. That phrase has been said by just about every child everywhere . But before you leave set your ADT SECURITY SYSTEM. You can avoid that by keeping your kids busy while you are travelling.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is a follow up of my blog about the man with a golden voice that got a second chance in life. I have seen news that he is going to rehab, here is a video of his intervention with Dr. Phil.. Yes, he was sober but he has fallen off the wagon. Lets be clear, its not easy being sober from long years of doing vices be it smoking, drinking or drugs, It takes a lot of courage and discipline and focus to stay in the right track. I am just glad that Ted Williams is man enough to realize that in order for him to succeed, he has to ask for help and accept that he needs help. Maybe this time around he will actually make it and stay on top. The road will be tough for him but if he is willing to work through his problems and deal with them as they happen he will make it. I have faith in you Ted Williams.


Guest post written by Joe Huntington

Last year we decided to spend New Year's Eve in and just enjoy each other's company. As part of that, we ordered pizza and sat around in our pajamas watching different New Year's TV specials. But it took forever for the pizza to get there and when it finally did, it was kind of cold. Well, I talked my wife into staying home again this year and letting me cook her a nice dinner instead.

She was a little surprised and skeptical about me cooking dinner for her, but I've done my research and am only taking on things that according to difficulty ratings, should be within my cooking skills range. I found all of the recipes online and just have to go to the grocery store to get some of the last ingredients for the dinner. While I was online finding those recipes, I came across Kennewick 4g INTERNET deals, read up on them and decided to sign up for one of them for our home service.

I can't wait for our New Year's Eve dinner. My wife told me that she would help some, but I'm not going to let her help and just enjoy the nice (hopefully not burning) smells wafting from the kitchen.


Snow has finally come again and it was enough that the kids had a snow day, that means no school!!. We didn't get that much snow, probably around 3-4 inches as the weather reports said. I had to keep on checking the schools website before I went to sleep to see if there was any info. At around 5 a.m I woke up, thank goodness for Iphone I didn't have to go down to check the computer online. I was so glad to turn off the alarm on my phone when I saw that school was closed for Wednesday. I got to sleep for 2 more hours before the kids woke up. We woke up again to a blanket of white everywhere. Winter with snow is just so beautiful, clean and just so peaceful. If it was not dangerous to drive in snow and the condition I would wish for snow everyday in winter as it looks calmer. The kids had a wonderful time playing outside in the snow and stayed out as long as they could. Will be ever get as much snow as we did last year? Who knows, mother nature will just surprise us.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Guest post written by Peter Crawford

While doing some independent research for HearingAidsReviews online several weeks ago, I decided to search for baseball gear for my twin grandsons, Justin and Matthew. They are growing up so fast and theyÕre already playing in the little leagues! Their parents have really given them the means to privately train with the best, and at this rate thy may one day be great enough to play baseball at a big university. I used to throw a baseball in the yard with the boys as soon as they were old enough to really throw, and for Christmas I couldnÕt think of any better gifts than ones that could help them with their sport.

They know their granddad spoils them by now. I got them fielding mitts, batters gloves, Nike cleats, etc. They got two Christmas packages that really excited them. I want them do great, if baseball is what they want to do. While I do love the support, I would support my grandsons in any of their life endeavors. They knew that their granddad is always in their corner, no matter what!


I am excited beyond reason this month. Why? I hope to be pregnant by the end of this month or at least within the next 3 months. On my last appointment to my OB-GYN we talked about our desire to have another baby and the difficulty why we have not been able to conceive. What can I say, I miss being pregnant. I miss having a huge belly, feeling the baby move inside of me, taking prenatal vitamins everyday, the never ending hunger and trips to the bathroom. The one thing I don't miss about being pregnant is the nausea and the throwing up. The first trimester was just horrible, it was like hell. The nausea was so bad that anything could trigger the constant trip to the bathroom to throw up. Lucky for me that around 4 months I got over it and I didn't look back after that. I was a happy camper without the nausea. Would my second pregnancy be the same,would my labor be faster, and will I have the twins I have been longing for? Keep checking back for updates.....


I love recieving gifts from my husband. Last Christmas was no exception, I could not wait to see what he got for me. Even though I kinda knew what he got for me I was still excited about it. My list only consisted of one thing, a KitchenAid. We have been a little tight on money and I understood that. When my husband started talking to me about what if he got me a stand mixer but not the KitchenAid I wanted. I admit, I was dissapointed but the practical part of me accepted it like a trooper. Christmas day came and sure enough I got my stand mixer but it was a Sunbeam instead of a KitchenAid. I was still happy about it for the simple reason that my husband got it for me. I wanted to try it out right away but to my dismay the box didn't come with a beater attachment. I had to call Sunbeam and ask them to mail me one. And after about 5-7 business day it came. My impression when I first used it is not at all good. It didn't mix my cookie batter well enough. When my husband came home that day I had to tell him that I want it returned so we can get a KitchenAid. He was gracious enough and didn't get upset, I also explained my reason for returning it. So hopefully within the next couple of days I will have returned it and bring home a new Kitchen Aid stand mixer.

Monday, January 10, 2011


One of our projects for 2011 is to buy some affordable and elegant light fixtures. The home lighting in our house is not bad but it needs an upgrade so it will look more modern. And not only that, the living room/playroom has no light fixtures at all. We are currently using a lamp that serves as a light in the playroom. I feel like our house needs more lights and fixtures. I don't know how Ralph could have missed not telling the Realtor about it before he got the house. Not only does the living room/playroom need light fixtures it also needs a fresh coat of paint. We painted the house last spring but we didn't not include it seeing that the playroom will only be temporary. I would really love to paint the playroom bright colors for the kids. We will have to see come Spring and see what we can afford to do in the house.


Our computer has reached past its one year marker, lol.. I hope I din't jinx it by celebrating early. For the past 2 years we have been struck my the dilemma of having to replace our computer every year due unforeseen circumstances ( computer virus ). If within 3 months our computer doesn't choke and die on us, we will still be needing a new lcd monitor as the one we have is kinda old. If we can afford it I'd like to get one that has a bigger screen with a built in speaker. Something like the new lcd monitor that my MIL got about 6-8 months ago.Cross my fingers that our computer won't crash on us, if it does let it happen after tax return, lol.


One of the person that left a great impact in my life is my grandma. Growing up we fought like cats and dogs, I hated her with a passion. Everything I did was all wrong or I would do things wrong just to annoy her. My mom was torn between me and my grandma, me as her daughter and my grandma as her mother. I don't know when I started understanding my grandma. I think it was when I was in college and would spent summer in our hometown. We got so close and I really understand and love her now more than ever. That is why when I saw the news about an Omaha couple who chose to have their wedding at a nursing home so her grandmother could see her walk down the aisle really touched me. It was indeed a granddaughters gift to grandma, one that she really values. I would do the same thing for my grandma in a heartbeat. She is the glue that holds our whole family together. She is strong but compassionate, her words may sting but with reason behind it, she is one of a kind. I miss her so much and I was so glad to see her when I went home last July, 2010. It will be another 3 years before I can go home again but she will be in my heart forever.


Sunday, January 9, 2011


Thanks to Olga Quinn

Every year at this time, there is much debate over which New Year's Eve show to watch. People can't decide between the classic Dick Clark show or the newer but just as good New Year's Eve with Carson Daly. Carson Daly has been hosting this show for the four years it has been on the air. He has celebrity entertainment on at different locations throughout New York. His correspondants interview celebrities all over the city and they also interview many of the people who go to Times Square for the big celebration.

The show is a great mix of reporting, interviews and music and my family and I love watching it on our satellite television from This show is mostly for the younger crowds and have musical guests mostly geared toward that. Dick Clark's show also features new artists but also has many of the older artists making his show a great mix of old and new.

No matter what you decide to watch, just having a great evening at home to watch the New Year ring in is a good way to start the New Year right. You don't have to fight the crowds at the celebrations in the city and many times your vantage point at home for watching these performers is better than you could ever have live in person, especially at New Year's.

Saturday, January 8, 2011


After taking Kaitlyn sledding on the small hill near our development, we head on to our favorite Chinese buffet. Ralph has been hankering to eat Chinese food and so do I. The trouble is, I just ate a chicken sandwich a couple of hours before we left. Still, I am not one to refuse food and will eat until I pass out. The place was bustling with people coming in for lunch. I just had a slice of meat, shrimp, rice, beans. I was going to go get some salad but I bee lined for the dessert bar. Kaitlyn was having a good time and behaved pretty good. She ate most of her food and had fun feeding her daddy some vanilla and chocolate pudding. A few minutes into the dessert we got our fortune cookie.And mine said


It is exactly what it is. If one lies one has to remember what lie was being told so that one will keep on with that lie and not be caught. Am I making sense?


Guest post of the week by Moises Henderson

It's New Years Eve and when we were younger we could go and party all night long, but we are much older now and even a littler wiser, so it's home we stay. We invite a few friends in and have a little get together of our very own. The food is all made, for the snacks that we must have, the beverages are chilled and the house is decorated for the coming of the new year. It just wouldn't be right if we didn't have our direc 4 u TV tuned to Times Square for the big ball drop. Having all that excitement in New York is just adding to the joy we feel in our family room. The music that is being played the biggest part of the night always adds to the party atmosphere. As the midnight hour approaches, we all settle in to see the magic that happens, when that beautiful ball finally reaches the bottom. A little hugging and a few friendly kisses is a way our friends spend the welcoming of the New Year. Safe and warm with the ones we care about is the best way to start a new month and a new year.


Oh yes my favorite CBS shows are finally back with new episodes. I think CBS has a lot of great shows. While on Christmas break I was so looking forward to seeing my favorite shows, imagine my dissapointment to find out that it was a rebroadcast/repeat of an episode that I have previously seen. I hated the fact that I had nothing to really watch at night when the kids are snug in bed sleeping. But this week, my shows are back with a vengeance. So are you a CBS fan? What are your favorite shows to watch and why?

My favorites are CSI: CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION, CSI :NY, CSI:MIAMI, NCIS, NCIS : LA, and CRIMINAL MINDS. I just love the whole CSI but my favorite is probably Las Vegas and NY. Las Vegas for Nick Stokes and Rey Langston.. And NY for no other than Det. Mac Taylor. And NCIS for Abby and Leroy Jethro Gibbs. I will be looking forward to next week and new episodes of my favorite shows.

Thursday, January 6, 2011


Guest post written by Kate Teague

I like to get really creative when I'm giving gifts, but sometimes when you're giving gifts to little kids they want something specific that they've seen on commercials, like a holiday Barbie, and just won't be happy unless they get it for Christmas. But one area that I've learned you can trick them in at Christmas is stocking stuffers. You can make little, inexpensive things look really nice if you put them in a stocking and stick to a few little tricks.

I started thinking about that a few weeks ago and when I was doing that I went online with our CLEAR TV BUNDLE to see if I could find some easy and cheap stocking stuffers to put in my kids' stockings.

One of the cheap stocking stuffers that I came up with was to buy a little pink notebook and take some Barbie stickers and put it on the cover. Then I got some hot pink pencils to match the notebook that my daughter will think are Barbie things too. I also got her some cheap little hair clips that I know she'll like too


About a couple of days ago a saw a news clip about this man with a Golden voice. A homeless man name Ted Williams was just given a second chance of a lifetime. I could not believe his voice, I mean my goodness it was just so magical. When you hear him talk he just sucks you into the story he tells. He truly has a God given voice and is tailor made for Radio or sport broadcasting. I was so glad to see and read in the news that he was been offered jobs and that he is getting his life back in order. It matters not what you were in the past, what matters is what you do with the opportunity you have in the present so you have something to look forward in the future. To Ted Williams I wish you all the best and may you succeed this time around and prove that you are worth the second chance. To read more about his story click here.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Guest post written by Ken Barley

My wife and I are newlyweds, and itÕs been a whole new experience since we started living together. Having to share the same space everyday has its pleasant momentsÉ but it also has its challenges, ha! We get along really well, but weÕre definitely still fine-tuning a few things. I am a pretty messy guy, and she is a pretty neat girl, so we bang heads there a lot. I feel like sheÕs often frustrated because I donÕt clean in a very timely fashion, and when I get home from work, cleaning is the last thing I usually think about. IÕm trying to work on my habits so that we can both live easily.

One thing we both agree on is that our new home needs a little work in general. We are going to have to make it a team project to get our new little home in pristine condition. I think that I am going to look at sites like because I honestly have no idea what IÕm doing when it comes to repairs. We have a lot to work on together, but, the operative keyword there is TOGETHER!

Monday, January 3, 2011


It's back to school again! It was a great 2 week vacation from waking up early, getting my eldest ready for school and walking to the bus stop in the frigid weather. I am not looking forward walking to the bus stop in this cold weather. And I have been sleeping late so my body is not use to waking up early in the morning again.

Every New Year people tend to make a list of things they want to do or change. I, have not made a list or promised anything. But I will try my best to be the best I can be this year. I'll try to be a good mom, wife just have an open mind and positive outlook with the New Year. The most important thing to me is all my loved ones are healthy and my kids and striving.

Saturday, January 1, 2011


Thanks for the article from Robin Woodard

It was finally Christmas time and I was excited to put my knitting skills to work. My grandmother had been taking time for years to teach me and I had finally picked up the skill of knitting well enough to knit gifts for others. I had been taught how to make a number of things from scarfs to sweaters and had something special for everyone on my list. I cant wait to see how everyone enjoys the gifts that I made with my own hands for them. I am looking forward to seeing my own hard work finished as well.

My grandmother and I had been knitting together for years, and I loved sitting around with the DirectTV on with one of our favorite shows and knitting together in silence. It was a bonding experience for the both of us and one that I will remember every time I pick up my knitting needles in the future. I cant wait to see my own grandmothers face when I see her open up the finished sweater that I have been working on for her. Her teaching can finally be seen in a finished product of mine.


New Year once again was a successful family gathering at our house. The photo on the left side is 2 out of the 4 meals we prepared for our family. We only had 5 since we tend to overcook which leaves us with a lot of left overs. I made beef stew ( beef caldereta) , mixed veggies, sausage and meatballs, fresh ham and my BIL lasagna. I only cooked 3 out of the 5 meals. It was wonderful today, the weather was nice except for a little rain. Inside our house, the laughter and the story telling was not dampened by the rain outside. All of the Schifano men were in one house. Kaitlyn was all over her Uncle Larry that she hardly sees. She loved the presents (princes shoes,cellphone and a purse with jelweries) he got her. She was wearing them the moment she opened it. Ralph had to work today but he did not miss out on the festivities. My guest didn't start arriving until 2 p.m and by 4:15 Ralph was home from work. We ate to our hearts content. Surprisingly not one of the 24 pack of beers were consumed. They were still experiencing hang overs from welcoming year 2011. We still have left over but by tomorrow evening, it will be all gone. What were your festivities like?


Content by Mitch Osborne

The unforgettable A Charlie Brown Christmas special has been around for over three decades. The introduction music from the show is now a classic tune that is heard all over the world during Christmas. The lovable characters and story not only give us a great special, it also tells what the true meaning of Christmas is all about.

I eagerly wait for this favorite animated Christmas series of mine to come on my Direct TV Satellite Packages. I truly enjoy this special because the progression not only allows us to see the wonderful characters of the Peanuts comic strip in action, it also shows many of us what the true meaning of Christmas is. We can forget that Christmas isn't all about gifts and the perfect tree. It's not about commercialism and who has the most gifts. It's about the celebration of a great being and also the celebration of love and family.

Whenever me and my husband get stressed about present buying or the holidays we think back to the night we watched the show and remember that none of the materialistic things count. The time spent with our loved ones is the greatest gift that can be bestowed upon us.

A Charlie Brown Christmas special is fun for all ages. It provides great laughs for the children and also deeper meaning for us forgetful adults. That's why every year I sit with my hot chocolate and re-watch this favorite Christmas special of mine.


Happy New Year !

2010 has been more than generous to me and my family. A lot happened in just a year, good, bad and in between. The highlight of my year 2010 was my vacation to my home country Philippines. After 3 years in America, I was finally able to go home for a visit and see my loved ones. It was an experience that I will always treasure. My daughter got to see her maternal Grandmother for the first time as well as her Maternal Great-grandparents. A lot of not so good things did happen to our year. My husband had a cyst removed from his derriere, Kaitlyn got a Tonsillectomy, Ralph was in an accident but those things pale to comparison to all the blessings we have gotten. Everyday is a blessing and I have come to appreciate day to day living.

I have no clue as to what 2011 will bring but we will strive to do more, love more and live life to the fullest. I make no promises this year, I will just do what I can to improve not just our lives but improve myself for the better. Goodbye 2010 and welcome 2011...

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