The Designers Chic

Thursday, January 13, 2011


I was looking through all the pictures I posted on FB and I came across this one. A picture of my mom on her wedding day. Isn't she just lovely? Guess how old my mom was in this picture? Can you guess? Well, she was 15 years old a month shy of turning 16. Yes, my mom got married way, way, way to young. She was the popular girl in school that guys just go after, the star dancer in the dance troupe. I think my dad was also popular but not as much as my mom. Like most young girls that married young, she was already pregnant. They had a very grand wedding, it was basically the wedding of the year of her time. I have pictures of my moms wedding day, people flocked to see her get married. My parents marriage was doomed from the very start. They end up separating and eventually got divorced. Still, I think my mom is one of the most beautiful bride ever. The first time my husband saw my parents wedding picture he assumed it was me. What a laugh, my mother is way to gorgeous and I am way to plain to even look like her. He insists that I look like her so I will take it since I know that my mom is indeed not just lovely but gorgeous!



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