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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Now that its winter Ralph and I have been talking and planning for our next summer vacation. This year we had our own pool constructed and finished the day before 4th of July. Even though we already have our little own vacations pot in our backyard its still important for us to go on summer trip so the girls can see new places, meet new people and experience new things. This is where Jersey Shore and Wildwood hotels comes in. Its just a drive away where we wont have trouble looking for a good place to stay that is near the amusement park. The amusement park has everything from the family hotels, where both parents and kids can both enjoy at the same time. That has got to be the perfect vacation ever that is just near our place. The water parks are just simply amazing, spectacular and there are more activities and rides for the kids. If you want to know what real summer is really all about this is it, Morey's Piers and I'm not done yet. They are having an Annual Holiday Sale that started December 1 , 2008 and ends next year January 9, 2010. Hurry and start planning your next summer vacation as early as now and save up to 40% on seasons passes to both water parks. Make next year's summer vacation something your kids will always remember!


Last month November 24,08 Ralph decided he would take both kids out. First it was suppose to be Kaitlyn and Daddy date so i could get Kaitlyn out of the house while i put the house in order in preparation for the coming Thanksgiving holiday. He didn't wake up early enough and decided instead to take both kids Kayla and Kaitlyn to Chuckee Cheese. A daddy-daughter date out with just him and his girls, no mama around. I said yes since it will be my chance to straighten up the house without worrying and getting distracted. However i changed my mind, I was afraid that daddy might not be able to handle both girls at chuckee cheese and he wont be able to bond with Kayla since she will be going back to her mommy's the following day and we wouldn't see her until the next Sunday. The last time we went there was when Kaitlyn was only 3-5 months old. It was different this time, she could walk and play with other kids there. She liked it so much and enjoyed going on the carousel ride. Anyway here are some pictures of the girls..


How many of us are going nuts thinking about what to give our friends or family. We want to give something that is unique yet memorable. Giving expectant parents baby clothes, crib, stroller and many more is very common and not out of the ordinary. Wouldn't it be neat to give someone the gift of life or the chance at a second life? With Cryo-Cell as a gift for relatives or friends that are expecting, this will give them the gift of preserving life and the chance to save a life. Why is this a great gift for expectant parents? With the arrival of the new addition to a family the new parents can save there child's stem sells found in cord blood of a newborn infant. Its both safe for mother and child and the service is done by very capable, and qualified professionals. They can store and save the stem cells and use it when a that child or a family member gets sick from diseases. One of the few benefits for the Cryo-Cell is the treatment of diseases like anemia, leukemia, diabetes, cerebral palsy and lymphoma. It could not only save the life of a child but the life of a parent or relative as well. Life is to precious and with this we can do our part to help protect and preserve a life of a loved one.


Kaitlyn has not a single tooth in her mouth but yet she enjoys the finest things in life, food. She started eating baby food when she was only 3 months old and now that she is 13 months old she has been wanting to eat big person food. She would only eat baby foods that are fruits but the rest she wants the big girl food. She enjoys toast, spaghetti, fish, chicken, meat and just about anything that constitute food. Its funny how baby's get so messy eating food and how much they enjoy it eating it as well as wearing it. Here are some pictures of Kaitlyn eating.



chocolate cake

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