The Designers Chic

Thursday, December 4, 2008


How many of us are going nuts thinking about what to give our friends or family. We want to give something that is unique yet memorable. Giving expectant parents baby clothes, crib, stroller and many more is very common and not out of the ordinary. Wouldn't it be neat to give someone the gift of life or the chance at a second life? With Cryo-Cell as a gift for relatives or friends that are expecting, this will give them the gift of preserving life and the chance to save a life. Why is this a great gift for expectant parents? With the arrival of the new addition to a family the new parents can save there child's stem sells found in cord blood of a newborn infant. Its both safe for mother and child and the service is done by very capable, and qualified professionals. They can store and save the stem cells and use it when a that child or a family member gets sick from diseases. One of the few benefits for the Cryo-Cell is the treatment of diseases like anemia, leukemia, diabetes, cerebral palsy and lymphoma. It could not only save the life of a child but the life of a parent or relative as well. Life is to precious and with this we can do our part to help protect and preserve a life of a loved one.



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