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Thursday, December 4, 2008


Last month November 24,08 Ralph decided he would take both kids out. First it was suppose to be Kaitlyn and Daddy date so i could get Kaitlyn out of the house while i put the house in order in preparation for the coming Thanksgiving holiday. He didn't wake up early enough and decided instead to take both kids Kayla and Kaitlyn to Chuckee Cheese. A daddy-daughter date out with just him and his girls, no mama around. I said yes since it will be my chance to straighten up the house without worrying and getting distracted. However i changed my mind, I was afraid that daddy might not be able to handle both girls at chuckee cheese and he wont be able to bond with Kayla since she will be going back to her mommy's the following day and we wouldn't see her until the next Sunday. The last time we went there was when Kaitlyn was only 3-5 months old. It was different this time, she could walk and play with other kids there. She liked it so much and enjoyed going on the carousel ride. Anyway here are some pictures of the girls..


Rachele Bennett said...

My 2 year old loves to walk up the skee ball lane to try and roll he balls in too.


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