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Tuesday, August 23, 2011


It started off as uneventful sunny afternoon. I was just going to sit outside with my girls as they ride their bikes. As I was helping Kaitlyn get out of the door I suddenly felt the house swaying. Was it the wind that did that or a big truck just pass by? I knew it was an earthquake but I didn't want to think it was, i had no reason to think it was. Ralph has never mentioned an earthquake in Delaware. Just to make sure it wasn't the wind I went it and still the house was swaying. I took a hold of my youngest in our archway and yelled for my oldest to come to us right away. I held my kids until it stopped. I was scared. I immediately ran to my MIL room to ask if she felt it and she did. I rushed my kids outside and my neighbor was out as well. It was an earthquake and it shook me to the core. Exactly 5 minutes after it happened Ralph and his colleague arrived at the house on the Police Motorcycle. They didn't feel anything. We tuned in to the news straight away and found out that it was a 5.8 magnitude with Virginia as the center of the quake. Buildings and stores were evacuated for fear of aftershock.

I never realized that the fear, anxiety and stress level goes up when you have kids. You think about your children's safety. As soon as it was over I stressed to my kids how important it was to find a safe place when there is an earthquake. I told Kayla if she is inside the house she is to grab her sister and go under the table until the quake stops and run outside with her and not come in until it was safe. I am all shook up but thankful that it didn't last that long and it wasn't that bad. The quake made me realize that mother nature is wide awake and she wants us to take notice.....

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