The Designers Chic

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


While at Walmart yesterday, I saw a beautiful Great Dane dog. He looks small in the photo but he was actually a big dog. I am amazed at how gentle Great Danes are. He is the second Great Dane I have seen that is very calm and behave in crowds. Like always I couldn't resist taking a photo, I didn't go to close since he looked like he was working. Usually when dogs are working their handler won't let them socialize with people. I don't  know if that is the norm but I have come across several handlers who would politely say that their dogs are working right now and they are not to be petted.

I was not a dog lover. In fact, It a while for me to even warm up to the thought of getting a dog. My reason for not wanting a dog was simple. I didn't want my house to smell like a dog. That all changed when my BIL's dog had a litter of puppies. I couldn't very well say no, I was defeated 3-1. Our dog Sunny has won me over, he is the gentlest and sweetest dog ever. He is amazing with the kids and watches over them like a mother hen. Since our dog is 112 lbs I want another dog that is big so hence, the Great Dane. Hopefully within the next 3 years we will own one. Until then, I will just be content admiring them from afar.

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