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Thursday, November 19, 2009


It's almost that time of the month where Ralph has to sort out all our bills. So much bills to pay with so little money. Bills, bills and more bills keep coming in and poor hubby has to work to pay it off. Luckily I'm not a big spender and I always watch what I buy. MIL on the other hand is also struggling to make ends meet specially that she is now retired. One good news though is she has stopped smoking like hubby. Now, she is trying to get on the health wagon and try to control herself from going back to smoking. She is also on the computer constantly either checking for insurance quote as she is thinking about getting another life insurance, playing online games or just reading the news. I just hope that both Ralph and his mom will not go back to the old ways of smoking. It doesn't help that Ralph gets so stressed out with bills, money and work. All in all my husband is doing great as a provider for our family.


Today is going to be spent hanging out with my 2 year old daughter. I'll probably be stuck in Barney land for the most part but I hope I can squeeze in some shows that I like. I miss watching My wife and kids, I think its just so funny. One of my favorite episode what when Michael had his colon checked. It just cracks me up when the doctor start singing while holding this instrument that has to go up Michael's behind,lol. That show reminds me that people should do a colon cleanse. A lot of people have died from colon cancer and I think it pays to be aware of how you can prevent this kind of disease. In the future I am definitely going to encourage my husband that we go have our colon checked. As they say health is wealth...

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