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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Tomorrow is Good Friday a time for all Christians to reflect. Tomorrow is also the day Ralph will have his surgery to remove the cyst on his back. We have been busy as a bee the last couple of weeks running errands, going to doctors appointment, painting the house. Trying to finish what needs to be done before tomorrow. At least the grass has been mowed for the first time this year in preparation for the Easter Egg Hunt we will be hosting on Easter Sunday. We had a hunt last year and watching my kids smile and scream with joy was just priceless. I wanted to cancel the egg hunt with Ralph out with his surgery and he will not be able to move very much, but kids are already expecting it. I can just imagine the smile on my kids face on Sunday. I know I will be running around like a chicken without its head but I think I will be able to manage it. I'll just make a rainbow cake and Easter cupcakes for the kids to eat after the hunt.


I don't know about you guys but I have been experiencing dry skin now more than ever. My legs and knees are specially bad. I didn't have dry skin problem last spring so I don't have a clue what changed. At least my face is not as dry and I don't have any breakouts, so far so good. Just in case I do get the occasional breakouts I have an acne cleanser that I use regularly.I have also been using a certain kind of facial scrub and it seems to be doing a great job on my face. My only main worry about spring is the allergies. Last year it was so bad that I could not breathe through my nose, it was so clogged. It gets worse when I go outside where the pollen is so bad with the trees just starting to sprout leaves. Even though I hate taking Benadryl for my allergies I am going to suck it up so that my kids can go outside and play in this gorgeous weather.


We are finally done painting the inside of our house. We started off painting last weeks with the dining room and since we still had a lot of pain left over we decided to paint the bathroom. The kitchen, dining room and downstairs bathroom is painted in ALOE VERA color. Its actually a nice, soft and bright color. We were doing such a good job painting so we tackled painting the rest of the house. I really didn't want to do it but we have to. Ralph will be having his back surgery to remove his cyst on Friday that is tomorrow. After his surgery he won't be able to do much at all. His best friend will be the bed and I will be his servant until he can get up and out of the bed without help. Mind you painting is not an easy task but its not that hard either. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to paint the inside of your house, all you need is common sense, lots of tape, wet rag and a steady hand.

Last night was the last day of painting the inside of our house. We did the hallways, the stairs and also the family room. What is left is the formal living room/ playroom of the girls. We will have to do that last in the autumn season. We celebrated our success by going out to our favorite Chinese restaurant. Afterward I cajoled Ralph into taking all of us to the furniture place so I could show my MIL the couch we got. I never thought Ralph and I were going to agree so quick on a couch but if we hadn't we would still be looking for the right design furniture for our family room. The couch we picked is a sofa recliner with cup holders in between seats. I just fell in love with the red microfiber couch. I can't wait until it will be delivered to our house and I will finally be rid of the horrible couch we have had for the last 3 years.


Nowadays everything is easier, faster, efficient and convenient. I have asked myself so many times why Americans have so many gadgets for almost everything. Housewives have so many tools and gadgets to help with cleaning. Since most Americans don't have maids or cleaning crew to clean, we do it ourselves. Inventions and gadgets make things easier and faster. It also applies to technology and the WEB. There are programs and software to help with business, schools, household,church, offices and many more. It even amazes me how people can do their own taxes in there own homes with just a simple software program. Business is easier to manage with software like project management software it helps small business owners and major companies run smoothly. I should have really studied more about computers and the Internet since there is such a big field to knowledge that is available out there waiting to be searched. I may not be a computer geek but I sure so admire them...


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My Grandmother turned 77 years old yesterday March 31, 2010. Let me tell you something about her. She is smart as whip, sharp as a sword and soft as a jello. My grandma is what people would say a tough cookie, she works hard for everything she has and takes good care of her family. She may have a sharp tongue but her words always rang true and always looks out for you. I love her for taking care of me and my sister when my dad left us, I love her for her cooking but most of all I just love for loving us in return. I talked to her yesterday and I could not help but get teary eyed. Both my maternal grandparents are getting older and it hurts to know that I am not there when they need me, for someone to watch them, do errands for them as such. I am counting down the days until I see them again. Don't worry La, your dollar is already saved and in safekeeping until I hand it to you this summer. I love you so much....

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