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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Tomorrow is Good Friday a time for all Christians to reflect. Tomorrow is also the day Ralph will have his surgery to remove the cyst on his back. We have been busy as a bee the last couple of weeks running errands, going to doctors appointment, painting the house. Trying to finish what needs to be done before tomorrow. At least the grass has been mowed for the first time this year in preparation for the Easter Egg Hunt we will be hosting on Easter Sunday. We had a hunt last year and watching my kids smile and scream with joy was just priceless. I wanted to cancel the egg hunt with Ralph out with his surgery and he will not be able to move very much, but kids are already expecting it. I can just imagine the smile on my kids face on Sunday. I know I will be running around like a chicken without its head but I think I will be able to manage it. I'll just make a rainbow cake and Easter cupcakes for the kids to eat after the hunt.


Unknown said...

Tomorrow mo bloom na ang flowers ani, like the one in our front yard. Hope Ralph is fine. Mura daghan mo ug trip sa surgery room lately lods ahh. Hows kaitlyn by the way?


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