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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Something weird happen to us after we had our Ice Cream run last Sunday. As we were walking up to our door we heard a loud thump. I turned around and asked Ralph what it was. He had a shock look on his face and said that a bird just hit the side door of our van. True to his word a bird was laying on the side of the van. It was just a baby bird learning to fly. The mama and daddy bird was circling above chirping and calling their baby. The poor bird probably hurt himself and could only fly a couple of feet at a time. We decided to leave the bird hoping it would eventually learn to fly off. After the kids were asleep Ralph checked the backyard just to make sure if the baby bird got to flying. He came back inside telling me that the bird is still out there. We decided to put him the bird cage we had in the basement and just keep him for the night in the bathroom so the cats won't get to him. Ralph got up early to hunt some worms in the backyard and fed it to the baby bird. When it was sunny and warm enough we let it out of the cage and just put him in the backyard. He must have learn to fly since we could not find him later that afternoon. I would like to think that his mom and dad found him and helped him fly back to their nest.
Ralph feeding it worms


Lets talk about vanity. Most women are vain about there looks and worry about every wrinkle, eye bags and many more on our faces. I never use to worry about how my skin looked since I was blessed not to have a lot of break outs and had no problems about dark circle under the eyes and eye bags. That however changed, when I got here in the US, I noticed that I have more wrinkles and bags under my eyes. Specially the past few days when my daughter got sick. You would think that I had a black eye from not sleeping and stressing out. To top it off, the wrinkles on the side of my eyes have started to look more pronounced. For crying out loud, I'm only 30 years old yet my skin looks way older. The thing is I just don't want to grab just any eye cream out in the market. I want the best eye cream that is out there. Its great that people like me can depend on a site where we can scroll through the best eye cream there is. With a site like that finding the right one that really works,that have been tested by real consumers is easy. If your looking for a beauty product that really works check out The Best Eye Cream Review.


Two years living in our house but we still yet to furnish our living room/ playroom. Our couch in the family room is a wreck thanks to my MIL cat who uses the side of the couch as a scratching post. The kids love the big couch though but I would love something a little more classic yet simple. When the kids are much older we will start thinking about getting the right furniture for our house. I would love to see what rustic furniture would look like in our house. Maybe even decorate the guest room with it. That would just be a good thought to hang on until we have the money to purchase something like those. If you guys are thinking of redecorating or furnishing your house try looking at the many selection of furniture from Scenic Furniture and be awed by the many choices you can pick from.


Sunday on the way back from picking Kayla from her mommy's, daddy called me to say that he will be picking us up for an Ice Cream run. Of course having a sweet tooth I said yes. I hurriedly dressed the princess bruiser in a white shirt and pink shorts. It was a total mistake that I let her wear a white shirt knowing very well that she will be covered in ice cream. We just went to SCOOPS for our quick fix of ice cream. We were actually closer to Rita's but Ralph wanted to try this one out. He later said that Rita's was better.

hhhmmm..What should I get? so many choices so little time!
love at first bite
keep on licking and dripping
a big smile from big sister


It's official folks, I will be the one to plan and decide the when, what and the where for a vacation. Last year hubby did all the planning and I was just along for the ride. This time he thinks I should plan it as he also trust my choices. Of course being parents our priority is always the kids, the fun, activities and the learning they can get out of a vacation. I am so looking forward to going to Kissimmee, Florida one of this days. We won't be doing long distance travel be it on a plane or car this year. But in 2-3 years time is when we plan to go to Florida. The youngest is only 19 months and I would like her to be a little bit older before we take a big vacation so she can understand and at least enjoy most of the experience. Since I hate the cold so much I am so tempted to take a vacation in the winter months. Kissimmee is known for its sun, attractions, theme parks and many more so it would not be a problem entertaining the kids. First, would be a wet splashing fun in a Water Park, second would be a hair seeking ride on the many Theme Parks, third any of the outdoor activities that can broaden my kids knowledge, and fourth would be a relaxing day at the spas for mom and possible a few rounds of golf for dad.

I just hope that Kissimmee will still be giving away free vacations like the ones they just had. Who ever won those 3 weekend getaways (3d/2n) for 2 ; and another 2 week-long vacations for 4 sure are lucky. The Drawings were held last 4/1/09, 5/1/09 and 6/1/09. Even though the contest is already over, that does not mean you can't get your vacation of a lifetime. For more info on how you can get an affordable yet fantastic vacation, click the links provided above and start planning.


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