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Friday, January 16, 2009


Technology and Internet has brought about new meaning to the word Communication. It seemed like ages that people were still using analog phones and cellular mobile phones were not available then. Times have truly changed and reinvented the way we stay in touch and connect with our family, freinds and the world. In today's fast paced progress we need something we can rely on like a good digital phone service that not only gives voice clarity a new meaning but is also accessible to the people. With economic crisis still looming before us we all need an inexpensive way to make inbound, outbound and international calls. ITP which stands for Internet Telephone Provider provides not only affordability but they also have the same or more features that other expensive phone service providers have to offer. The ability to choose the plans that is best for you and your family is one of the key points of getting there service.

The basic plan which is $9.99 a month includes the following :
  • Free month of service
  • Free linksys phone adapter and router
  • Unlimited Inbound Calls
  • Be able to keep your old number
  • The lowest International Rates
  • And best of all no Annual Contract
For those who work at home and want a line that wont interfere with business this is the one for you. To know more about VOIP services click on the link and it will take you to the site where you can choose, learn and pick more of their offered services.


Yeeeehhhaaaaa cowboy!!!!!! At 14 months Kaitlyn is such a handful, adventurous and a trouble maker. The horsie belonged to her big sister, it was in the basement after Kayla grew out of it. I brought it up to see if Kaitlyn was big enough for it. At first i thought she was to small for the horsie and had to be put on and taken off the horsie by someone. I figured why not teach her how to get on and off so that she didn't have to depend on us if she wants to play cowgirl.I only showed and taught her once and she got it right away. I wasn't able to get a video of her getting on since i didn't have the camera right then and there. But without further delay i present you :



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