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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I miss my mom so much and i talk to her as much as i can. Now, I'm still talking to my mom online right now via the voice chat. She was telling me about what happened to her while she was at her Aunt's funeral. Most people admire my mom not just for her personality but also for her beauty. My mom is on the heavy side but you can never deny that she is beautiful fat or thin. She was telling me how her past friends were drilling her about her life, her looks, her marriage and everything. People tend to be envious of other people's life and would want to make them seem like they have a better life than hers. I miss my mom since she is such good person and her friends love her so much. I want to protect my mom and shower her with so much love, material things and many more. It's just to bad that I'm not rich or else my mom would be living like a queen, a position which she deserves. I love you mama and don't worry about what other people will say, you are beautiful, sexy and wonderful.


Finding true love takes time, effort, honesty and of course your whole self. My sister just did a recent post about Internet romance if it works or not. I am glad to announce that it does work and my marriage is proof of that. Among my friends I was the only one who didn't have a boyfriend. I was not bad looking but I guess it just wasn't the right time and the right place for me to meet that special someone in my life. Just as I was about to give up on love and enjoy blessed singleness I met Ralph. It couldn't have been more perfect, he was literally the answer to all my prayers. Finding the right Internet Dating Site is also a big factor to finding the right person just for you. Since I'm happily married now, I went on to the passion search to look for a soul mate for my sister. Its different from any other site I have ever been and believe me I have been to many online dating sites. This one is way fast and user friendly. I have tried signing up not for me but someone for my older sister. Searching is a breeze. They can even narrow down the place where you want to meet someone from their country to their city. That's just incredible. They will also match you to someone who has the same personality and likes as you do. Unlike most dating site in Passion Search you can even see who is on cam and who is not so for single men and ladies out there who wants to meet that one special person in there life give this online dating site a chance and for sure you will find a mate for life



The conception of a child is always a miracle. From this tiny cell will divide into pieces and later one form into one single perfect human being. Its no secret that we have been trying for another baby to add to our family. Our youngest is already 16 months old and it would be great if they would only have a 2 years gap in between. On the other hand Ralph's nephew is expecting his first baby boy this coming August. Andrew has gone so much over the past year and finally has his life back on track. He has more to look forward to now that his going to be a dad. He should think about the future of the baby by looking into cord blood banking with Cryo Cell International. Its a safety net for his children to come. A baby's umbilical cord is rich in stem cells that have been proven to help cure a lot of diseases. Andrew's girlfriend Wendy has an older daughter who is 8 years old. Opting to store the coming baby's stem cells could one day save his sister's life and even his own parents. Its a miracle to give birth to a baby and it would be another miracle to save another. If you are like Ralph's nephew and is expecting a child be it your first or second or third dont forget to look into cord blood banking and enroll now, your child's life could be saved.


Again last night we decided to put both girls in Kaitlyn's room this time. I was the one to put the two girls to sleep since Ralph had to take a nap to prepare for his work early this morning. I was dreading again about sleeping in our bed since the last time i still ended up sleeping with the kids. Last night Ralph again ask me " hun, where are you going to sleep?" and i told him i was going to try and let them sleep by themselves again. I slept like crap last night, waking up every hour listening if Kaitlyn woke up or something. I even woke up Ralph an hour early for him to get to work, he ended up going back to sleep. Finally the alarm went off and Ralph got ready for work, when he was about to leave he gave me a kiss and i said to him " hun, i made it", meaning i slept in our bed the whole night, lol. I know its a weird sleeping arrangement bu this time I'm dead serious about separating myself from sleeping with Kaitlyn. I passed the first test and i hope i will pass the rest.


Marriage is the union of two individual souls that promise to love and to hold until death do them part. Planning a wedding is a big deal, it takes time, creativity,ingenuity and stress. Wedding can be overwhelming and without knowing it your already over your head with details.It specially stressful for everyone if you don't know what your doing let alone try to plan a wedding on your own. In today economy not all people can afford a wedding planner to take care of each details in the wedding be it small or big. Nowadays couples that are soon to be married can prepare ahead of time with fast wedding planning checklist.Its not only a checklist of what to get, to do and how to prepare but it also gives tips on how to have a beautiful wedding. If your planning your own or your friends wedding this is the most helpful tool that you can get for yourself or for them.

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