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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I miss my mom so much and i talk to her as much as i can. Now, I'm still talking to my mom online right now via the voice chat. She was telling me about what happened to her while she was at her Aunt's funeral. Most people admire my mom not just for her personality but also for her beauty. My mom is on the heavy side but you can never deny that she is beautiful fat or thin. She was telling me how her past friends were drilling her about her life, her looks, her marriage and everything. People tend to be envious of other people's life and would want to make them seem like they have a better life than hers. I miss my mom since she is such good person and her friends love her so much. I want to protect my mom and shower her with so much love, material things and many more. It's just to bad that I'm not rich or else my mom would be living like a queen, a position which she deserves. I love you mama and don't worry about what other people will say, you are beautiful, sexy and wonderful.


mommy Orkid Belle said...

I feel you mommy Lods. I too am wishing that I could provide my mom and dad with so many things and spoil them just like they did to me. Too bad I am not that rich too and I can only help them little by little. When I came here to US, I was so sad and angry about people specially my aunts when they were accusing my mom of this and that. They were jealous and scared that my mom would be even better than them now that I am here. I hate it! But now, I just keep telling myself that they are just jealous. My mom is a very strong person and tough person. :) I miss my mom reading your blog mommy Lods! :(


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