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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Again last night we decided to put both girls in Kaitlyn's room this time. I was the one to put the two girls to sleep since Ralph had to take a nap to prepare for his work early this morning. I was dreading again about sleeping in our bed since the last time i still ended up sleeping with the kids. Last night Ralph again ask me " hun, where are you going to sleep?" and i told him i was going to try and let them sleep by themselves again. I slept like crap last night, waking up every hour listening if Kaitlyn woke up or something. I even woke up Ralph an hour early for him to get to work, he ended up going back to sleep. Finally the alarm went off and Ralph got ready for work, when he was about to leave he gave me a kiss and i said to him " hun, i made it", meaning i slept in our bed the whole night, lol. I know its a weird sleeping arrangement bu this time I'm dead serious about separating myself from sleeping with Kaitlyn. I passed the first test and i hope i will pass the rest.


Merydith said...

Hahaha can relate jud. I passed the first 3 days pero during nap I am still sleeping with him pero di jud mahimo Lods uy. Di jud ko makatulog. Naanad nalang na si Ryan kay ang iya si Kiko man sad ang priority. Anyways, your welcome uy. Ayo-ayo mo diha and kisses to the girls.


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