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Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yeah you read it right. It looked like Hollywood is not suffering from the economic disaster America is facing. I was watching the Golden Globe red carpet and gasp when i heard how much some gowns costs. I was expecting the starts of Hollywood to tone down the glitz and how they dress up for the red carpet in response to the economic crisis we are having. I think its just downright sinful that they are showing off how expensive their gowns and jewelries are. I know that its part of there job to look good but i guess they can afford to look good by paying for a gown worth $10,000 and up. Its just plain disgusting to me.


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I just got a total blog makeover, an overhaul. I wanted to start the new year with a new look and a more positive outlook in blogging. I got the chance to work with IVY who help make my new look a big success. Let me tell you she is a fast worker, i got a hold of her yesterday morning and my layout was done by evening. Her prices are very affordable and she is very hands on in the installing process and answers readily to question and also takes suggestions.
Due to the new look i have forgotten to save my links but i have been planning to check my blog list since most of the links in my BLOG WORMS were not linking back to me anymore. So please to all of those who linked to me already please leave me a msg with your URL's so i can link back to you..

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