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Sunday, November 30, 2008


On of my biggest concern is the travelling we do on a weekly basis. Now that its winter is makes me more apprehensive about us going on the road in rough weather. Thanks to steering rack our traveling will go without a hitch. It will not only protect and make driving safer but its affordable to all consumers like us. If your thinking about changing the power steering box, or steering box in your car, check out the site and your will get the highest quality at affordable price.


Since its winter there are a lot of changes not just for us humans but also for animals. Some animals hybernate and some migrate to other warmer climate. Just about 2 hours ago MIL called me in the family room and pointed outside the deck and out backyard. The backyard was swarming with black birds and so were the trees. It was everywhere not just in our backyard but also our nieghbours. It was kind of scary since you see horror movies that birds swarm and they kill. The birds would fly off and then land on the ground, trees or rooftop again and again. It was like they were in separate groups. The first group would land and eat for a minute then they would take off to the sky then the next bacth would land again. That went on for about 5 minutes. I got scared thinking it was a bad sign or a omen of some sort then i got to thinking, that its already winter so the birds are probably starting to migrate. It was
beautiful to watch but scary, it gave me goosebumps. It was my first time to see birds that many. the three lights you see in the pictures is not flying saucer or alien craft but the reflection of out lights on the glass door.


Worried that you didn't go out on the Black Friday rush to get a piece of the biggest sales and discounts in the malls? Worry no more Nikon Black Friday Promo is still going on. Do you have a relative or a close family friend that loves to go hunting? This is where to get the perfect gift for that person.

The Ultimate Hunters Package that includes the ProStaff 3-9x40 Riflescope with BDC Reticle, ProStaff Lasser Rangefinder Case, Silent Technology Rangefinder Case, Mastering a long-range shot with BDC DVD. Hurry now and get a piece of the Black Friday deal they are offering that also includes high quality rugged outdoor binoculars that you can take on hikes to take a close up look at the beauty of nature.


My husband is a very busy man but yet he doesnt forget to write me small notes or bring little somethings for me. Just the other week he was working so long and barely had time to see us. He would call and tell us how he missed us and wish he was not working so he could spend time with us. One day he came home early and we were still sleeping, when we woke up and came downstairs i found the note for the girls on the kitchen tabel. I was a little sad that he didnt include me in the note. When i went to fix Kayla breakfast i noticed something on the counter,it was for me from him. He didnt forget me, he got me something i really like, donuts at Wawa. After walking Kayla to the bus stop i went up to kiss him and say thank you for remembering us and for being so sweet. We love you so much daddy!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008


Christmas shopping time and i still haven't bought anything for my nieces and nephews. . It's important that you get them something that they love to wear and show there friends. You would think its better to buy gifts for smaller children but its not.Teenagers are hard to please but if you pay attention to what they hear, listen and watch you get a clear idea of what to get them. Last Christmas we didn't get any of his niece and nephew anything and this time i want to make sure i get them something that they will surely like.Ralph's niece Kristen is 16 and would want something like For Camp Rock Fans-Jonas Brothers. She loved the movie Camp Rock and watched it with her friends so its just fitting that I get her something that she will love. For parents, uncles, aunts and relatives you don't have to fret if you have teenage boys. There is a Large selection of Jonas Brothers Stuff that you can choose from. The items ranges from clothes like hoodie sweaters or jackets, shirts,posters, hats,umbrellas, bags and many more cool stuff. Worried about the cost? Don't be, since all the items are of reasonable prices that wont surely hurt your budget. All this items can be found at your favorite stores but why go out when you can select any item right at your own house via online shopping.I'm pretty sure that they will think your cool for having thought of it. Christmas shopping has never been easier this year.


Kaitlyn is already 13 months old and she is a handful. She gets into her little mischief mood and would just make a mess of the whole playroom and the family room. She would take out all her toys and throw it around, open my cabinet containing all plastic bowl Tupperware and just scatter them around the kitchen. One minute she is with you the next you cant find her. Its when she is so quiet that we worry coz we know she is doing something. And i caught her in one of her in the act of getting into the cabinet full of pots and pans. This was morning of Thanksgiving before everyone arrived at the house and mom and I were busy getting things in order. Both mom and I took a break and watched a little t.v and sat down in the family room when i noticed that Kaitlyn was missing and was so quiet. I knew she was doing something so i went on a hunt to look for her and behold, i caught her in the act trying to get into the pots and pan cabinet. She has a surprised guilty look about her face. My little trouble maker!


I went to the Christiana Mall for the first time ever. I didn't get to go yesterdays black Friday since i had family visiting and we got so tired and full from eating. They left late yesterday and i miss them already. Kaitlyn has been a little under the weather lately and yesterday she had a slight fever which we blame on maybe her teeth coming out. This morning she still had a slight fever so she didn't come with me since MIL volunteered to watch her. They dropped me off at the mall shortly before 12 noon. MIL told me to take my time and just look around and make sure i buy something for myself. I had hubby's card but i didn't go ballistic and just buy anything i want. After 3 hrs. I finally called MIL and i heard the baby crying in the background and so cranky, i told her to pick me up at the same place they dropped me off. When i go in the car MIL was a little bit peeved why i only bought 3 items,hehehe.. She wanted me to buy stuff for myself and not worry about the cost for once. I told her i didn't want to spend to much and go overboard but i did buy a dress for me, shoes for Kayla and jumper snowsuit for Kaitlyn. I felt guilty though coz Kaitlyn was running a high fever when we got home. Her fever spiked up to 102.6 her face was so flushed and her eyes watery. Thank God she is doing much better now, ill have to keep a close eye on her tonight and keep checking her temperature.


The Roasted Pig is often seen in Filipino gatherings or party back home in the Philippines and even here abroad. If there is a filipino there will always be Roasted Pig or what we bisaya call " inasal " tagalog call " lechon ". I missed the lechon so bad the first time i came here. Luckily i go invited to one of my friends party. They had "inasal" and my did i eat like a pig, pardon the pun. The crisp outer skin of the pig dipped in vinegar with chopped onions and garlic. The rib is the best part and the tastiest of all. The left over meats,and skins can be cooked again this time with vinegar, garlic, bay leaves, a little soy sauce and oil. Makes me hungry thinking about it.Im off to the kitchen for now, ill be eating the rest of the Thanksgiving dinner.

Friday, November 28, 2008


I have always been amazed at how some people particularly housewives deal with the family finances on how to save a whole lot of money specially on the every growing grocery bill. I have seen a women who swear and lives by coupon and are called coupon ladies. This women didn't just get discount on item but got a better deal, instant savings. Ever since knowing that it could be done i have been hooked. I got my first try using coupons at our local grocery store. Also i thought coupons was only for food products or items that's not entirely the case, with ACDSee promotional codes its basically instant cash savings on all items ranging from clothing, to electronic gadgets, to baby cloths, toys, jewelries and many many more. With today's failing economy and treat of recession we need all the help we can get. Gone were the days were you have to wait for the regular or Sunday papers to get and cut off coupons, there is a better solution online coupons can be downloaded and printed right at your very one house and the most wonderful part about it is, you get your items with instant big buck savings. Its fairly easy and quick to do, just browse through all the categories and choose coupons you want to use and viola your done. For a fast quick easy savings get a coupon its free...


This was the first time my cousin Wingwing and her family came over to visit me. I was probably 3-4 months pregnant that time and i had called her telling her i was depressed since i was always sick due to the pregnancy. She packed up her family and flew all the was from Chicago to come and see me and to cook me something i have been craving for, pochero. As you can see we still didnt have a deck back then and the backyard was still big since we didnt have the pool yet. I was so happy that she came for me, even though it was only a short visit i was thankful for that. I love you nang weng and also your kids...


As a police officers wife I know how important it is for my husband to get the right gear when he is on duty. It has to be not just any gear or quipment it has to be build and made to withstand anything and of durable materials. That is why Surefire is one of the name brand makers of tactical gears, equipments that he would trust to get his stuff like the Surefire Rechargeable Flashlights. He know that they are the best of the best that is rugged, durable and tested. When you use an equipment life the flashlight on an everyday visit you make you that you get the best in the market. And for sure they are the best.


It was Thanksgiving Day yesterday and it was time for family and food!!! MIL and I were busy preparing the house and some of the food the night before but still end up cooking a lot of stuff on the day itself. We were suppose to eat my 4 p.m. but ended up eating after 5. It was so fun to see my family again and it made me so happy and so proud to be able to host the Thanksgiving Dinner. There was a lot of people but we made it through the Dinner without any incident at all. It was too bad that my stepdaughter Kayla was not here to celebrate with us. My niece who is turning 5 yrs old and the other one 3 yrs. old were looking for her. She even help her mommy pick out Kayla's present that she was going to give her personally. Next Thanksgiving it will be different, she will be with us.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I got my very own cellphone about 5 months ago and still i don't have the nice ring tones that would love to have. Sure my cellphone is pre-loaded with ring tones but its not the latest ring tones that are coming out. I would love to have ring tones of my favorite artist. I have searched for sometime now where to download free ring tones and i just found it at free ringtones.They have all the types of ring tones like the monophonic ring tones, polyphonic and the real music ring tones. The have a wide selections of ring tones from you favorite artist, bands, groups. The have hip hop, r&b and many many more. They even soundtracks from your favorite shows that you love to watch. The best thing about it its free and its compatible to almost all cellphone carriers. My niece is under the T-mobile carrier and with this she can download her favorite songs at free t-mobile ringtones. As a teenager I'm sure she will jump right at this. As for my brother in-law that has Larry the Cable guy as his ring tone maybe he will one to replace it. he happens to keep on buying ring tones, he can get them now for free at free Verizon ringtones. Hey, I'm not done just yet they also have cool ring tones for sprint carriers and I'm pretty sure that Ralph will want to get a new ring tone for his phone since he loves Latin music at free Sprint ringtones.Now i can download the latest ring tones out there without having to pay for it. And its so easy to do, just pick your mobile carrier, inter your cellphone, verify your pin and you can choose the ring tones you want. Don't just take my word for it, go visit and give it a try.


My little girl is not feeling too good. the last couple of days i noticed that she was coughing specially at night. Kayla was getting the cold and she must have given it to Kaitlyn with all the hugging, kissing, sharing food and the playing that they do around the house. Kayla is not here with us for Thanksgiving since its her mom's turn this year to have her. Back to Kaitlyn, even though she is feeling a little bit under the weather she is still her jolly, happy, mischievous self. But tonight i put her down to sleep in my makeshift bed on the floor in her room. After she fell asleep i sneaked out and went downstairs to continue the cleaning up and the preparation for tomorrow's feast. Then all of a sudden i heard her throwing up in the baby monitor. I rushed to her room and found her still throwing up all over herself, the pillow and the sleeping bag. She was coughing so much that lead her to throw up. She was still groggy and sleepy and would have laid down in all that vomit if i hadn't stopped her and changed her. As soon as she was changed i held her in my arms until she fell asleep and placed her on her crib. Things like that make me worry so much since she is just a baby and cant tell me what wrong with her and what hurts. I'm just glad she is sleeping and resting now, i just hope she will be much better tomorrow since we will have family over.


Last Holiday Ralph, the kids and I just went out to have our family picture taken and took the kids to the mall to see Santa Claus. I never dawned on me that i could have had that family picture turn into a Christmas Card to send to family, relatives and Friends. It was only last March when we got invited to a birthday party that i saw some people sending there friends personalized cards with there picture on them. I vowed to myself that this year i will try to send out personalized cards for Christmas and my wish has been answered. I can easily make Custom Christmas Cards with no sweat at all. All you have to do is find the perfect Holiday picture of your or your family upload it, choose a design that best fits you and viola in 3 days you have it. How easy is that? Its fast, convenient and most of all affordable.Now who says that Personalized Custom Christmas Cards are expensive. And there are a lot of choices you can pick, from foil accented cards, postcards and even to caricature cards. This Christmas give the gift of love and thoughts by sending them your own personalized/custom Christmas cards.

Ralph and Rice

As i was going through our cd full of pictures i happen to see that Ralph had pictures from when he first visited my country. It brought back so many happy memories of those days that i spent time with my grandparents and showing him the place where i grew up. There is one particular picture that i just laughed and chuckled when i saw it. I was the picture of the rice leaving out to dry in the sun. Ralph was asking " how do you make rice turn white" the poor man has not seen rice in its raw form,heheheh..I told him that the rice is inside the husk and it has to be grounded in order for the rice to come out of its husk. He didnt know that planting, harvesting and drying out rice is such hard work.He even tried spreading the rice to dry out in the hot summer sun. In the picture below you can see in the we were covering it since it started to drizzle and Ralph was exempted from helping since he might get itchy from the rice. I miss those days and i miss my grandparents house.


When i was young i use to think that wearing eye glasses makes me look like a genius, intelligent but geeky. Here in America its another story, eyeglasses today are not just for seeing but also for a fashion statement. I mean if you don't want to look like a geek then you better find a good frames for your glasses. As the saying goes the eyes are the windows to your soul. I know there are still people who are embarrass to be seen waring glasses. You need not be embarrass anymore, with Holiday frames you have a wide range of choices from colors to different styles. This is just in time for the holidays. Do you know someone who wear eyeglasses and you think needs a new look, this is where you can find all assortments of frames for glasses. If i were to pick a glass frame it would be for my niece who wears glasses. She is young and hip so i would choose Frame # 4978 Stainless Steel Frame with a sparkly daisy whimsy on the temple. She would love that and now she is going to be from geek to chic in no time at all. And the great thing about the Holiday Frames is that they are very very affordable. Get those Frames right now before they get all sold out.


Having come from a tropical country i was excited about my first winter experience. I got here December of 2006. It was already getting cold but Ralph told me we were going to have a mild winter. I could not wait for snow and constantly ask him when will it snow. It was around January that i saw the first fall of snow for that year. We were in the family room and i was giving Ralph a foot massage when i looked out the glass door leading to the backyard. I saw white stuff falling from the sky. I was so excited but hesitant. I have never seen snow before so i asked Ralph " hun, what is that?" and he replied that's snow. I jumped up and down and was so excited like a child. I hurriedly put on my jacket so i could go outside and took some pictures. It didn't last that long but it was enough to satisfy my curiosity about the snow. Ralph was laughing coz he saw how excited i was. My first snow experience was exciting and fun.

Sunday, November 23, 2008


Once again Kmart Layaway for the Holidays is back!!
They said that Christmas is the time for giving and I'm so sick and tired of looking at items that i love or would love to get for someone i love but don't have the money right then and there. Kmart is making it easier for all of us. If you don't have any idea what it is and how it works its just easy as 1, 2, 3. First you go to your nearest Kmart, look around for items that you would like to buy for yourself, for your family or for Friends. Once you have an idea of what your getting take the said item and bring it over to the counter, make a down payment. What i love about the program is that you can pay small increment amounts which is every two weeks. I know its already November now and you your thinking its already to late, well there is no such thing as being late when your giving someone something they deserve. It suck when you find an item you can't buy right away and your forced to come back for it only to find out its been sold out. Where else can you find such a program that will allow you to reserve the item while your making small payments? If you keep up with the program, in 8 short weeks the item is yours to take home. That's more than incredible, its terrific! .. Its a win win situation for everyone. With Kmart everything is positively amazing!
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For the past days my lips feels like its burning up on fire! Its not a pleasant feeling when your lips feels like its burning and throbbing at the same time. I guess its the cold weather and the wind burn. I have to start putting some lip balm on, its just that i hate putting on lip balm since i kiss my girls a lot. I'm so afraid that i might get a cold sore on my lip. That is why I'm very very careful when the baby touches my face. Right now as I'm typing my lips feels like someone put a hot burning coal on my lip that when i put my cold fingers on them it feels so so good. I hate winter, i just hate it. I dream about summer and to be able to feel its warmth on my face.


Kmart is back again with more holiday savings. With the economy crunch, everyone is scrambling to get there money's worth when it comes to shopping for the coming holidays. Having a family of 5 depending on one income is tough. Its not easy handling the bills and finances and having to worry if there is enough to buy presents for the coming holiday. I know its not about just buying and giving your loved one something its the thought and the meaning that really counts in the end. That is why I am jumping up and down with joy with Kmart
and there generosity to allow us to get high quality item at low cost. Have you seen the Abbey Hill bedding Medallion Dream Collection? Its 100% reverse cotton with artistic design. I want so much to get one of this so i can go to bed in style and comfort, Ill probably be in la la land as soon as my head hits the pillow. I also want the Women's Kimono Wrap Sweater since they are also offering an additional 10% off when ordered online. This is just getting better and better, if you order online you get an additional 30% off and the sale price is shown on the cart when you order the quantity. All through December they are offering another additional saving of 10% on some of this item category like the women's plus sleepwear, all juniors, infant and toddler bedding's, boys tops and many many more when you order online. This extra savings is only until November 26, 2008 so you better hurry and start ordering the items you are eyeing on.
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Urgh! I dread going on a long ride since i have been getting car sick lately. When i was pregnant i could not last even a 15 min ride without throwing up. I just could not help it. I was never like this before, i never get car sick, sea sick or air sickness. I dont know whats wrong with me lately. Last friday when we had to drive 1 1/2 hr to Baltimore and back another 1 1/2 hr so that is a total of 3 hrs. A plastic bag was on my lap in case i had to throw up. I hope this will pass or else im in big trouble since we travel almost every weekend to drop off Kayla to her mommy's. Ill be bringing some gum, mint or clementines to eat in the car in a little while since were due to pick up Kayla again.

Friday, November 21, 2008


Have you read the recent copy of Today's magazine? They have the sexiest man cover alive which is none other than Hugh Jackman a.k.a Wolverine. That magazine has a page wherein you can sniff the cologne of some of the sexiest men. Do you know that pheromones play a big part in the sexual attraction scene? Well its true, a recent research was found that women/men are attracted to synthetic smells. Pheromones are not just for animals, they are also for human. Each individual produces some type of smell, odor that attracts the opposite sex. To guys that are finding it hard to get a date your in luck, there is a new cologne that does the job of enticing the women through the sense of smell. Axcite LP7 is the newest cologne that intensifies and enhances the pheromones one produces. Just a couple of dab on the neck and wrist and viola you are one hot smell magnet for women out there.


I first heard and saw the video of this guy dancing at HIT-OR-MISS blog and i fell in love with the way he danced. Every time i drop ec at this blog i always watch the video,ehehhehehe I have never heard of Beyonce new song "all you single ladies" but i loved the song because of this guy. He is an amazing dancer and i love the way he moves so effortless and so graceful. I then watched the original music video and realized i love watching his video than Beyonce's. Watch the video and tell me what you think?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Yup, winter has arrived in our city. We just got our first taste of snow for this winter season. The weather just got down right cold and freezing. I thought it was just going to be a typical cold day and we didn't expect snow this afternoon but we did expect snow last night. We got the flurry of snow at past 4 p.m. this afternoon. The 2 kids, me and MIL were all in the kitchen and Kayla was eating when i got a call from Ralph. He said it was snowing and i just about screamed with excitement, not for me but for my other girl Kayla.. I immediately went to the window next to her and peaked outside. And sure it snow and it was falling heavily and there were big snow flakes,hehehe..Kayla was so happy and so excited and kept asking to go out. The little one was oblivious to what was happening and didn't care. It snowed steadily for about 10 min then it stopped. It was enough to coat the ground and it looked like someone threw a flimsy white garment on the backyard. Kayla went outside for a little bit to play with what little snow that got accumulated on the porch. Well, i guess that's it for today. I got to really bundle up now and stay warm!!!!!

Monday, November 17, 2008


Are you at a stage in your life where you fret and worry about every little things in your appearance? The quality of your skin and the little wrinkles you find in your face here and there? I started worrying about that, and it adds more and more wrinkles and makes me look older than my actual age. I look in the mirror and i don't see the youthful skin that i use to have, one without wrinkles. I'm loosing the elasticity of my skin at such a young age and its scary. I'm not vain but it helps when your skin is healthy and younger looking. There is a new product that really works Dermalastyl i s the newest breakthrough in preventing wrinkles. Its the only product out there that contains the same collagen stimulating peptides found in Botox , it also contains Tropoelastin that helps generate and speed up production of skin elasticity and has 600 times more amino acid. Using this product not only saves you time but money. Plastic Surgery cost a lot of money and you may not get the result you want. Thinking about getting Botox but afraid of needles? The quick solution for you is Dermalastyl. Think about how much money you can save? What costs to get surgery will only cost you a small fraction of that amount and you get the same result with no pain and cuts. As for me, ill be one of the thousands of women putting this on my wish list and actually getting it.



The leaves in the backyard have fallen. Only a couple of trees are left with leaves still on its branches. Ralph took the time last week to rake the leaves and dump them off at the dumpster. Kayla was his big helper and raked some leaves with her little rake that we bought at Walmart. Ralph gave up using the rake and decided to use the leaf blower. I admit it was faster but it still left some leaves on the ground but it was enough to make a difference that we were able to finally see the ground. It was a cold day and i did not want to help out! I used the baby as an excuse,hehehe we still went out though for a little bit so we could take pictures. Kaitlyn did not like the leaves all over her and freaked out partly due to her clothes constricting her from moving. Next week Ralph will probably have to start all over again.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


With the holiday fast approaching, it is time to grant wishes. I'm no Genie that can just magically appear out of a lamp to grant wishes but I'm one heck of a good shopper. Finally, my family's wishes will be granted! Thanks to Sears Layaway, I will be able to get little stuff for my loved ones without having the burden to pay for it at one go. I will just pick my item and pay for it monthly at low increment payments that I can easily afford. And before I know it, the item will be paid in full and I can take it home with me.

For Hubby, I was thinking about getting him the Davidson 24 ft. Aluminum Extension Ladder with Quick-Equipped Rung lock. With this ladder in the shed, he will never have the excuse not to clean the gutter full of leaves. For Kayla - the big sister, since she just had a successful sleepover, I will be getting her the Spa Factory-Spa Party Sleepover for three which is excellent for slumber party. It has an easy carry handle and front closure which allows her to take it on the go. As for the baby, Buster the Busy Bus will do with lots of educational activities she can do and learn from. These things will be possible for me to get with the Sears Layaway program. My family's stockings will never be without a gift this year.


Yesterday was spent with a lot of family fun activity done. We did the hand molding and picture frame kit with Kayla and Kaitlyn, of course it was a total disaster when it come to her turn. We not only did that but did, Kayla's turkey project for her school and also painting.. The baby really enjoyed it since she got to mess around with the paint but kept licking her hands that was wet with paint. Daddy was of course very busy painting the hand mold we did of Kayla even though it wasn't the final one. All in all we had a blast yesterday as a family. Here are some of the pictures yesterday


November is rolling by as we speak and December will be here before we know it. I bet a lot of people, specially parents are thinking about the coming Christmas holiday.The hardest part is getting to know if you will be able to afford and get those things just in time for Christmas. I personally dread the holidays since it means spending money. We think about what toys are on the latest and hottest list, what clothes are trendy and what gadgets are useful. I don't dread it anymore this time, just knowing that Kmart Layaway is available for us and its the only store providing such programs that is beneficial to families and everyone. The programs affords families such as mine to have a Christmas worth remembering. Mr. Bluelight character has always lighted the way for American people to get top of the line appliances, to toys, clothing and many more at very affordable prices. Having trouble finding the right ornaments to decorate the house? Trouble yourself no more since they have unique assortments of boxed glass ornaments from an exclusive collection of Christopher Radko. Finding a toy for the big man in your life? No sweat, they have top of the line appliances and electronic system from Samsung, Sony, Panasonic. Clothes for you and the kids? They have it all, including the Jaclyn Smith 100% cashmere sweaters to popular Joe boxer apparel for the whole family. With that said no one will have a sad blue holiday season but a season filled blue with joy.
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Yesterday t i almost lost my baby girl Kaitlyn, she almost drowned in the bathtub. Here is the story:

At around 4:30 p.m. i decided to give the girls there bath early since Kayla will be having company over for her first ever sleep over. After washing them i stated filling up the tub with water so they could have a bubble bath and play for a little while. Both girls were in the tub playing. I was in the bathroom the whole time with them. I make it a point not to leave Kaitlyn in the tub with water. The water was not that deep but if Kaitlyn laid down she would drown in it. I turned my back for a second to get something out from under the sink when i heard :
Kayla : Menie look at her (giggling and laughing)
I turned around and Kaitlyn was submerged in the water and she was thrashing about trying to breath and get up but she didn't know how to. I just scooped her in my arms right then and there and stood her up. She was crying and breathing hard. I was calm but my heart felt like it wanted to jump out of my chest. I was so scared of what i saw. I had to explain to Kayla that if she ever saw baby sister in that position she should pick her up right away so she wont drown. She didn't know what happened to Kaitlyn. I was literally shaking inside. I will never ever turn my back on Kaitlyn when she is in the bath never again!!!! That served as a wake up call for me. I don't know if ill give her a bubble bath anytime soon. Thank God i didn't leave the room and Thank God she is alright...


FbdIt has been almost 13 months that I had a baby and I still have some baby weight. The hardest to get rid of is the belly fat. I used to have flat belly before I got pregnant. But that went down the hill when I had my baby. I didn't want to go on exercise and diet right after the baby since I really wanted to enjoy motherhood and simply not worry about what or how I look like. Now that the baby is already a year old, it is time for me to start that change and work on my belly. Do you know how hard it is to go on a diet when you don’t have any idea what you are suppose to eat or what food you should to stay away from? It is usually bound to fail if you don't have the proper guide on your diet. The Flat Belly Diet tells you exactly what you can eat and stay away from. Getting back to my pre-baby weight won’t be as hard if you have the proper food intake and balance food. The great thing about it is you don’t need exercise to help lose the weight since you will start losing weight with just the food you eat.
And do you know what the best thing is about? Diet food has never tasted and looked so good that you will forget that you are on a diet. Now wouldn't that be amazing?

Monday, November 10, 2008


Just an update and pictures of her newest buddy and best friend when her manang "big sister" is not around. Yes, the doll was worth the $19.99 that i paid for since she clearly adores and loves the doll. I guess it keeps her company when her sister is not there with her. I have never encourage her to watch,play or even like Dora. Don't get me wrong i have nothing against Dora,i just feel like its over rated that almost all little girls love her. But even without any encouragement she still got attached and on the Dora phase. So before i go on and keep babbling let me show you some pictures of her and Dora while lounging one her Dora seat/couch and watching television.

She does talk to Dora and points out things to her. For her, Dora is the nicest doll since it never disagrees with her and can be carried anywhere she goes..


No school tomorrow yehey!! I can at least sleep in a little bit until the baby and Kayla starts clamoring for there respective breakfast. Why is there no school tomorrow? Its VETERANS DAY, a day of remembering and celebrating our veterans who have bravely fought the wars and defended our country. I remembered a couple of months ago when Ralph did an escort for the Veterans going to Washington, he was in good company with old yet wise old men. Since it is a holiday Sears Veterans Day Sale is going on. They are giving 60% off on sale items like outerwear for men and women. The sale has already started yesterday November 9, 2008 and will end on tomorrow November 11, 2008. I would love to buy something i can use and that will keep me warm on days that i walk Kayla to the bus stop. I just found the perfect item!

The Classic Element 3/4 hooded down jacket is just what i need to keep me toasty warm on those cold winter days when i have to step outside. With that jacket on i will certainly brave the cold wind and be perfectly comfortable snuggled inside its warmth.If your like me who wants to stay warm all the time you better hustle up and get your butt off the chair and head on for SEARS. You still got time to purchase much needed clothing at a good price..

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A few days ago the tree in front of our house started loosing its leaf, and now today only a handful of leaves are left hanging on as if for dear life. Ralph said "well honey, its finally winter since all the trees are shaking its leaf." What i love about Autumn is the changing of the foliage from green to brown, yellow, red and gold. On mornings that i walk with Kayla to the bus stop we usually pass under this one tree and it feels so calming and earthy specially when the leaves fall around you. The front of the porch is covered in leaves and i don't even want to look at the backyard. I cant hardly see the ground in the backyard with all the fallen leaves. Next week well probably spend one day raking up all the leaves and bagging them. I don't think 20 bags is enough! I cant wait for snow since it will be Kaitlyn first time to finally see it, touch it and taste it. Its going to be pretty interesting how she reacts to the snow and I'm sure big sister will have fun playing with her and daddy outside. I'll probably play for a little bit with them but will soon escape inside the house with a warm cocoa drink in my hand.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

HERE I COME Kmart !!!

Its no secret that we are all experiencing the economy crunch and its up to us to stretch a buck. Christmas is in a month and we all know what that means money, money, money. We have two kids and since our priority are the kids, husband and I are going to take a step back on buying something for ourselves. But since Kmart Lay-Away we don't have to skimp on ourselves anymore. What's great about the Kmart's Lay-Away Program is that you can actually pick an item you want, bring it to the counter and choose the payment method you can afford. That's what got me sold is the payment method. Frankly,we can't afford to buy something over $150 upfront cash down or even credit. With the payment method it's not too heavy on your pocket and before you know it the item is all yours.

Ralph and I have been discussing about getting a new mattress but kept putting it off since we could not afford it just yet and would wait until next year for the tax money. Well forget about next year's tax money, because Memory foam mattress here i come. What's not to love about the 6 " inch memory foam? It conforms to your body structure so goodbye to body pain, its soft but most of all its made from all-natural ingredients, by the time i lay down on the bed ill be in la la land.


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Friday MIL and I both got our flu shot. After the doctors we went to Happy Harry's to drop off her prescription. While there Kaitlyn saw this woman holding a big stuff Dora doll in her arms. Kaitlyn kept pointing to is and saying Dora, well in baby talk. She would try and grab the doll and would wiggle in my arms so she could at least touch the doll. I went on a hunt around the store but to no avail, finally i asked the manager. He found another Dora doll and i was floored how much it was, $19.99 Kaitlyn grabbed in right away and hugged the doll and squealed in delight. I went looking for MIL and complained how expensive it was. I was not going to buy that but the little one was so adamant and wouldn't let Dora go. MIL got upset with me for teasing the baby and not giving it to her. I only had $15 with me and she immediately volunteered to pay for the rest. I'm still hurting by that buy,lol but when i look at her and how happy she is with her doll it magically disappears.

So here it is, her newest pal bigger than life.

It's almost as tall as her but she carries it around the house everywhere..


Divorce is a very tough thing for the family both emotionally and financially.The division of property is one of the financial burden that Ralph has been trying to get done and over with. For over a year now Ralph has been trying to sell his boat. He doesn't want to but its part of the property settlement of his divorce. Its not easy trying to sell something you love. I for one have come to love the boat and going out boating in summer time. Last summer we didn't really get to go out boating that much since that baby was still to young. Ralph and I did go out twice just the two of us on a date. I helped him wash, clean the boat and even sewed up a tiny portion of the seat cover that came off. We have had several offers but nothing ever pushed through since the offer is way below the value of the boat. He has tried putting signs in front of his boat, telling the marina personnel that his selling his boat, advertised on the news paper and still nothing. Then I thought about iSold It on eBay many people from all over the world have chosen to sell stuff on eBay. From the jewelries, toys, clothes, art and many more. And who knows we might end up having to say " going going and gone!"


Monday, November 3, 2008


The much awaited ELECTION of the century is going to happen tomorrow. The polling place I'm sure will be jam packed with people of all ages, race, religion and sexes. I hope MIL will be up and about and out the door early in the morning to line up to vote. I'm kind of worried about her going as there might be long lines and long wait. She had both knee surgery last year and i told her to bring her walker that has a seat with her tomorrow so if she gets tired she can sit on it. Ill be watching the news and robbing the kids of there show tomorrow... To all the voters out there, please be prepared, safe and choose wisely. Go out and vote!!!


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