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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Urgh! I dread going on a long ride since i have been getting car sick lately. When i was pregnant i could not last even a 15 min ride without throwing up. I just could not help it. I was never like this before, i never get car sick, sea sick or air sickness. I dont know whats wrong with me lately. Last friday when we had to drive 1 1/2 hr to Baltimore and back another 1 1/2 hr so that is a total of 3 hrs. A plastic bag was on my lap in case i had to throw up. I hope this will pass or else im in big trouble since we travel almost every weekend to drop off Kayla to her mommy's. Ill be bringing some gum, mint or clementines to eat in the car in a little while since were due to pick up Kayla again.


mommy Orkid Belle said...

So sorry about it mommy Lods! You might as well consult it as to why it happens. Sounds like a bad thing to me that you can't go on a trip witout throwing up!


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