The Designers Chic

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yesterday, MIL and I had to take Kayla and Kelly to Girl Scout since Ralph the usual driver for the girls was at work. I dread taking her to GS with Kaitlyn in the car, all the princess bruiser wants to do is tag along with her sister. She had such a bad temper tantrum in the car when I walked both girls inside the school, she was still crying when I came back. We took a ride to calm her down but it didn't help much it only made it worse, she didn't want to leave her big sister.

To avoid another episode of her having a fit while I picked up both the girls I decided to bring her with me. We got locked out of the school, it was a good thing that there was two other moms trying to get it. Thinking that my husband was inside they called his phone until they realized that I was Ralph's wife,lol. We ended up talking about exercising and loosing weight. On mom was even telling us about the biggest loser competition she was having with her friends. I found out that Kathy on of the girls mom loved rice as much as I did. We talked about different exercises, diets and finally all agreed that we would all love a quick trim to quickly shed the pounds.Wouldn't it be just fine and dandy if we could all loose the weight with one click of the hand? I got to tell them about my near fainting spell when I tried the Wii Active Sport. We all ended up talking about the aches and pain that is associated with exercising. What can I say " NO PAIN, NO GAIN". So, I'm going to have to suck it up and face the music with lots of Tylenol, lol.

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