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Thursday, March 4, 2010


Yesterday, MIL and I had to take Kayla and Kelly to Girl Scout since Ralph the usual driver for the girls was at work. I dread taking her to GS with Kaitlyn in the car, all the princess bruiser wants to do is tag along with her sister. She had such a bad temper tantrum in the car when I walked both girls inside the school, she was still crying when I came back. We took a ride to calm her down but it didn't help much it only made it worse, she didn't want to leave her big sister.

To avoid another episode of her having a fit while I picked up both the girls I decided to bring her with me. We got locked out of the school, it was a good thing that there was two other moms trying to get it. Thinking that my husband was inside they called his phone until they realized that I was Ralph's wife,lol. We ended up talking about exercising and loosing weight. On mom was even telling us about the biggest loser competition she was having with her friends. I found out that Kathy on of the girls mom loved rice as much as I did. We talked about different exercises, diets and finally all agreed that we would all love a quick trim to quickly shed the pounds.Wouldn't it be just fine and dandy if we could all loose the weight with one click of the hand? I got to tell them about my near fainting spell when I tried the Wii Active Sport. We all ended up talking about the aches and pain that is associated with exercising. What can I say " NO PAIN, NO GAIN". So, I'm going to have to suck it up and face the music with lots of Tylenol, lol.


☆Mama Ko☆ said...

No pain no gain jd, No retreat no surrender! No ID no entry hehehe.

Speaking of ID isa ra ako id lods wala ko state id ky kining akong amo dugay rko sge ingon dili ko kuhaan hadlok jd layasan.

Maayo ni ipagpakog imung bruiser ug akong buckaroo isug kaliwat lapu lapu


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