The Designers Chic

Saturday, February 12, 2011


In a few hours hubby and I will go on a big date. Our wedding anniversary is on Valentines day, we opted to celebrate the day in advance. A good friend of our gave us a gift card for the Firebirds Wood Fire Grill as a thank you for watching her son. She didn't have to do that but she insisted to show much my help and friendship is appreciated. Ralph and I have been looking forward to our date since January. I am looking forward to dressing up a bit, well its not to formal but when I say dressing up it means being out of sweats and actually wearing a dress pant and a dressy top,lol. The review I read online about the restaurant seems promising. I am hoping that both of us will enjoy the food. Kayla is at her moms and my MIL is watching Kaitlyn for the night. Lets hope to a smooth and romantic night out with the hubby.

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