The Designers Chic

Monday, July 6, 2009


The past days I have really been thinking long and hard about getting one of my BIL puppy. We went to his house last Wednesday and saw the puppy, they have grown so much. I fell in love with one of the black labs with a very big head and sad face. Kaitlyn was all over the puppies and kept wanting to pet them. Husband left it all to me to decide, I will have the last word. He has already looked into pet insurance if we do get a dog. Ralph knows my hesitation about getting a new puppy. One of the big reason is the smell, I hate the smell of dog. I don't want my house smelling like one and also the shedding all over the place. I feel relieved though that Dinovite has a solution for my problem. A shampoo that will hopefully do wonders on taking care of dog hair, the smell and most importantly, it kills fleas. Now, that's a dog shampoo that I would want to have when I do decide about getting the puppy, I will only have until this week to decide. I know for sure the kids would love to get a puppy specially since Kayla has been asking me for one ever since we saw them. Kaitlyn also loves the puppies mommy Sam and I have been told that Labrador Retriever are excellent dog breed for kids. I thought we were not getting a new pet but I guess things can change, as the saying goes " Change is the only constant thing in this world".

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