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Monday, July 6, 2009


The past days I have really been thinking long and hard about getting one of my BIL puppy. We went to his house last Wednesday and saw the puppy, they have grown so much. I fell in love with one of the black labs with a very big head and sad face. Kaitlyn was all over the puppies and kept wanting to pet them. Husband left it all to me to decide, I will have the last word. He has already looked into pet insurance if we do get a dog. Ralph knows my hesitation about getting a new puppy. One of the big reason is the smell, I hate the smell of dog. I don't want my house smelling like one and also the shedding all over the place. I feel relieved though that Dinovite has a solution for my problem. A shampoo that will hopefully do wonders on taking care of dog hair, the smell and most importantly, it kills fleas. Now, that's a dog shampoo that I would want to have when I do decide about getting the puppy, I will only have until this week to decide. I know for sure the kids would love to get a puppy specially since Kayla has been asking me for one ever since we saw them. Kaitlyn also loves the puppies mommy Sam and I have been told that Labrador Retriever are excellent dog breed for kids. I thought we were not getting a new pet but I guess things can change, as the saying goes " Change is the only constant thing in this world".


Nora said...

Get a puppy! You won't regret it! It's a wonderful addition to a family.

Then, start him off right with a quality food (meat based, not loaded with corn, grain,etc/) and add things like dinovite and supromega supplements. This combination will keep him healthy and shed free and stink free.

Then try the dogosuds shampoo cuz it it actually good for your dog's skin and smells really great for a long time.

Get good books about puppies, training, etc. Take a few obedience classes with him. Crate train him (lots of info. online). I highly recommend clicker training because you can start him immediatley as a very young puppy and even kids can participate. Don't let him on the furniture unless you will do that when he weighs 75 lbs.

Then, enjoy your puppy, love on him, laugh at him and spend the next 10+ years with the best companion you could ever imagine!

Get the pup!


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