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Friday, July 10, 2009


Wednesday started off great and without any incident at all. Ralph and Kaitlyn spend most of the afternoon in the pool swimming around.We had grilled steak, macaroni & cheese and corn and it was so scrumptious. It wasn't until 6 p.m. that the power suddenly went out, at first I just thought it was just our house that maybe something tripped. I poked my head outside to tell Ralph about the power when our neighbor went out to check with us. It was the power box across from our house that was acting up again. A couple of weeks or so that same power box blew up and we thought that the electric company already fixed, we were wrong!

To pass the time we all stayed outside on the front porch and watch Kaitlyn play with our neighbor Tracy. We all thought that the power will be restored after a few min but we were very hopeful. After 2 hours the we called to ask what time the power will be restored and we were shock to hear that it was going to be until 11 p.m. Since I was used to power outage in my country I was not worried nor got to bothered about not having power. I decided to find lit some candle and put them around the house so it wouldn't be so dark. Kaitlyn had a blast trying to blow out all the candles.

To cut the story short, our electricity was not restored until 6 am the following morning. Needless to say I was not able to get online let alone do my daily drops. Ralph was pissed and tired since it was so hot he could not sleep. Thank God our meat didn't to waste. As for me I'm really hoping that this wont happen when its winter time. I would probably go nuts thinking about how cold it would get.



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