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Sunday, November 23, 2008


Once again Kmart Layaway for the Holidays is back!!
They said that Christmas is the time for giving and I'm so sick and tired of looking at items that i love or would love to get for someone i love but don't have the money right then and there. Kmart is making it easier for all of us. If you don't have any idea what it is and how it works its just easy as 1, 2, 3. First you go to your nearest Kmart, look around for items that you would like to buy for yourself, for your family or for Friends. Once you have an idea of what your getting take the said item and bring it over to the counter, make a down payment. What i love about the program is that you can pay small increment amounts which is every two weeks. I know its already November now and you your thinking its already to late, well there is no such thing as being late when your giving someone something they deserve. It suck when you find an item you can't buy right away and your forced to come back for it only to find out its been sold out. Where else can you find such a program that will allow you to reserve the item while your making small payments? If you keep up with the program, in 8 short weeks the item is yours to take home. That's more than incredible, its terrific! .. Its a win win situation for everyone. With Kmart everything is positively amazing!
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For the past days my lips feels like its burning up on fire! Its not a pleasant feeling when your lips feels like its burning and throbbing at the same time. I guess its the cold weather and the wind burn. I have to start putting some lip balm on, its just that i hate putting on lip balm since i kiss my girls a lot. I'm so afraid that i might get a cold sore on my lip. That is why I'm very very careful when the baby touches my face. Right now as I'm typing my lips feels like someone put a hot burning coal on my lip that when i put my cold fingers on them it feels so so good. I hate winter, i just hate it. I dream about summer and to be able to feel its warmth on my face.


Kmart is back again with more holiday savings. With the economy crunch, everyone is scrambling to get there money's worth when it comes to shopping for the coming holidays. Having a family of 5 depending on one income is tough. Its not easy handling the bills and finances and having to worry if there is enough to buy presents for the coming holiday. I know its not about just buying and giving your loved one something its the thought and the meaning that really counts in the end. That is why I am jumping up and down with joy with Kmart
and there generosity to allow us to get high quality item at low cost. Have you seen the Abbey Hill bedding Medallion Dream Collection? Its 100% reverse cotton with artistic design. I want so much to get one of this so i can go to bed in style and comfort, Ill probably be in la la land as soon as my head hits the pillow. I also want the Women's Kimono Wrap Sweater since they are also offering an additional 10% off when ordered online. This is just getting better and better, if you order online you get an additional 30% off and the sale price is shown on the cart when you order the quantity. All through December they are offering another additional saving of 10% on some of this item category like the women's plus sleepwear, all juniors, infant and toddler bedding's, boys tops and many many more when you order online. This extra savings is only until November 26, 2008 so you better hurry and start ordering the items you are eyeing on.
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Urgh! I dread going on a long ride since i have been getting car sick lately. When i was pregnant i could not last even a 15 min ride without throwing up. I just could not help it. I was never like this before, i never get car sick, sea sick or air sickness. I dont know whats wrong with me lately. Last friday when we had to drive 1 1/2 hr to Baltimore and back another 1 1/2 hr so that is a total of 3 hrs. A plastic bag was on my lap in case i had to throw up. I hope this will pass or else im in big trouble since we travel almost every weekend to drop off Kayla to her mommy's. Ill be bringing some gum, mint or clementines to eat in the car in a little while since were due to pick up Kayla again.

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