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Monday, January 19, 2009


These are just a few of my favorite shows on television, shows that i have been following and will be following. I have not watched some of the episodes but i will try and keep watching the past episodes so i can keep track of whats happening with my shows.
  • CSI Crime Scene Investigation ( CBS ) - I'm a little upset that William Peterson who plays Gil Grissom will be leaving CSI. He was one of the main reason why i got hooked watching this show. He will still be producing the show and will be doing guest appearances. I hope that Laurence Fishbourne will give justice to his Character.
  • CSI NY Crime Scene Investigation New York (CBS ) - Looking forward how Danny and Lindsay's relationship will go with the baby on the way. I also look forward to more of Gary Sinise who plays Det. Mac Taylor.
  • NCIS Naval Criminal Investigative Service ( CBS ) - My sister got me hooked into watching this show and i am not regretting it. I love all the characters from Jethro Gibbs, DiNozzo, Ziva, Mc Gee, Dir. Vance, Abby and of course Ducky. I'm waiting if DiNozzo will have a relationship with Ziva and McGee with Abby.
  • The MENTALIST ( CBS ) - I must admit i have not been watching the show lately since i always forget to see it but thankfully MIL has been recording it for me. I'll just have to find the time to watch it. I love Simon Baker who plays the character of Patrick Jane and also the other guys.
  • Ghost Whisperer ( CBS ) - Cant wait if Jim will finally remember his previous life and that he was married to Melinda. I still hope they will end up together.
Those are just a few of the shows i love watching on CBS.


Conceiving a child is already a miracle in itself, birth is not just about a new life but a new beginning. Expecting a child is such a joyous moment, where parents take the time to prepare and welcome a new addition to a family. In Today's world we have seen many devastating disease's that have swept the nation, ruining and taking lives of infants, children even adults. With the help of new technology would be parents now have the chance to save the blood cord from their child. Cryo-Cell is the newest innovation of blood cord banking for your newborn. It is the time to Give the Gift of Cryo-Cell to a relative or friend that is expecting a child.

Cord blood is found in the babies umbilical cord, it is found to be rich in stem cells that can be a viable replacement for bone marrow and any other transplant that is found to help cure life threatening disease's such as Leukemia, anemia, cerebral palsy and lymphoma are just a few to name. And with Cryo Cell Internationals Current Offers blood banking can be in every ones reach. They even help make it possible for everyone to be able to afford their services with Payment Options and Financing Plans. As i parent myself i would readily avail these services and this way we will have a safety net when our child gets sick. No other gift can compare to the gift of life, a second chance.


As i was looking through some of my pictures when i was still pregnant i came across these photos when i was 8 months pregnant. We just dropped off Kayla that day to Baltimore and we were going to meet up with a filipina i had befriended online. Neda and Dave lived about 10 min away from where we drop off Kayla. It was the first time that we will meeting and i was so excited. She had bought crabs for dinner since i really wanted it. They were so gracious and hospitable and i had a wonderful time with them. I not only came home with a full stomach but also a couple of Victoria Secret products. Looking at the photos made me miss being pregnant again.


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