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Monday, January 19, 2009


Conceiving a child is already a miracle in itself, birth is not just about a new life but a new beginning. Expecting a child is such a joyous moment, where parents take the time to prepare and welcome a new addition to a family. In Today's world we have seen many devastating disease's that have swept the nation, ruining and taking lives of infants, children even adults. With the help of new technology would be parents now have the chance to save the blood cord from their child. Cryo-Cell is the newest innovation of blood cord banking for your newborn. It is the time to Give the Gift of Cryo-Cell to a relative or friend that is expecting a child.

Cord blood is found in the babies umbilical cord, it is found to be rich in stem cells that can be a viable replacement for bone marrow and any other transplant that is found to help cure life threatening disease's such as Leukemia, anemia, cerebral palsy and lymphoma are just a few to name. And with Cryo Cell Internationals Current Offers blood banking can be in every ones reach. They even help make it possible for everyone to be able to afford their services with Payment Options and Financing Plans. As i parent myself i would readily avail these services and this way we will have a safety net when our child gets sick. No other gift can compare to the gift of life, a second chance.



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