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Friday, March 20, 2009


Everyone knows that the economy is at its worse. They even said that its going to get worse before it gets better. A lot of people have already lost there jobs and in the process have also lost there cars, houses, properties and many more. Ralph is very lucky that his job is stable but we still worry about it. Finding a job can be hard specially if you dont have the right people helping you. Even though some companies have let workers go, there are still companies that are looking for specific people. That is where LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH comes in handy and helps with the recruitment and hiring of well qualified workers. Not only that they also help qualified individuals get the highest offers and the right jobs for them. Finding a job and a well paid one at that can be daunting and stressful, but having the right people backing you up and helping you with your job hunt is surely a big help. This is just one of many job hunters satisfied testimony about LIGHTSHIP RESEARCH :

"I lost my job as Vice President of Sales with a national technology firm and signed up for assistance with a career management firm that turned out to be terrible. I gave them $10K and they did nothing, not even return my calls. I called my lawyer and he got most of my money back and said that his neighbor had used a company called Lightship Research They charged less than a quarter of what the other company did and were accessible and they’re for me every step of the way. I even felt like the whole team were my friends and went through the same emotional ups and downs as I did through my job search. It took me 9 weeks and now I am the VP of Sales for a fast growing biometrics company. These are highly hard working and ethical people. I recommend them to everyone I talk to." -M. Olson, PA

With what is happening in our economy today we need all the help and the assistance we can get.

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