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Monday, June 11, 2012


Winter has come and gone but I have yet to put away all my girls winter clothes as well as mine. I have about 2 season's worth of clothes in my kids drawers now. Two season worth of clothes for each girls has left a lasting impression on their drawers. I know that If i don't step up my game and separate the winter clothes from the summer clothes the girls drawers will need a new drawer slide.  I did put aside the winter clothes but the weather has been acting kind of funky and I just ended up putting them back in the drawer. My husbands not going to be happy if the kids drawers break. So before I totally end up ruining the drawers I am going to really start separating the kids clothes. Anyway, I know for sure that warm weather is here to stay and my girls won't be needing anything from Winter.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


At long last, our pool has finally cleared up! We opened our pool a few days before the Memorial day holiday. Ralph's plan was to have the pool ready by Memorial day since we were going to have a barbecue with the family. We did get the pool ready for swimming but we could not get it to clear up.. All the chemicals were perfect but the pool water was still cloudy. Even though the water was cloudy that didn't stop the kids from enjoying the pool. Ralph assured me that it was safe for the kids to get in the pool. Ralph was getting frustrated with how the pool water looked. He had already spent a lot of money on pool chemicals. He was just about ready to drain the pool and start all over again.

I convinced him to just give it a few more days and just let the pool filter do its job. If it still won't clear up after a few days I told him i would help him drain the pool. Thankfully i was right, the pool cleared up day after day until finally we could see the bottom of our pool. We were both ecstatic. I knew it was only a matter of time until the pool water clears up. The pool filter just needed to run a good amount. Every morning either Ralph and I would go check if the pool got clear. I am just glad for Ralph that he finally got the result he wanted. We are definitely ready, BRING IT ON!

Friday, June 1, 2012


How many of you here have already bought something for their husband, dad, friends a Father's day gift? Sad to say I have not even look around or even thought about it. Its just hard to get something for my husband since he always tells me he doesn't need anything. But, he does like to get gifts with personal touches. So it a no brainer to get something from Personal Creations site. A personalized site that lets you customized your gift. My husband loves wearing the shirt that he has with both the girls palm print on it. He wears it and the oldest one he had before our second daughter is already in tatters and he still wears it. A personalized shirt with my daughters photos will be the perfect gift. I will even ask the kids to write something why their daddy is the greatest. I can't wait to get my girls together and plan this years Father's day gift. I want to make it extra special this year, I have been neglecting my husband a little bit and I want to make it up to him. 

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