The Designers Chic

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Tonight will finally be the night my favorite show comes on, CSI!!! If you are a CSI fan you already know that Laurence Fishburn will not be coming back. He is instead being replaced my Ted Danson. I really loves Laurence Fishburn who played Dr. Langston but he had to move on to better things. As for the newest addition to CSI, I will have to make my judgement after maybe a few more episode if I think his going to be a good addition to the CSI family. Not that that it matters what I think, lol. I can't wait to the newest episode tonight.

As for NCIS, I was not disappointed. They are still a great team with humor, action and full of thrill. I wanted to see more of Abby but all in all I loved the new show. I just fell bad for Tony and was afraid that he killed one of his team but it turned out that he didn't. I was also left on the edge of my seat with NCIS:LA. I thought for sure Hetty would die and the team will be left in shambles. I am just so glad to have my shows back!

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