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Thursday, May 28, 2009


Its been two years that we have lived in this house. Two years and yet we still need to fully furnish our entire house. We don't even have little knick-knacks decorations since I have a little toddler in the house. Decorative candles are not even safe, it ends up all chewed up and all over the house. We made a conscious effort not to buy new furniture for the living room since we converted it to a playroom for now. In another year or two I hope to have a living room, a family room and a nice dinning room. Finding the right furniture, hardware and accessories to make a house a home is not that easy. One easy way of looking for furniture to beautify your home is by going to some website like hardware Toronto. Where you can have your pick of the many styles and selections from Exteriors Lights, Hooks and Brackets, Heating Registers and Electrical Plates, Safes and many more. For now, I'm more inclined into looking to get a safe. Husband is a Police Officer and he comes home with his gun. I would feel much better and safer to know that when he brings it home the kids wont have access to it. With kids around you will never know what they will get themselves into so its better to be safe than sorry.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


For the past two days the lil' bruiser has been having a high fever of over 102. Yesterday, we decided to take her to the Emergency Room at A.I DuPont Hospital. She was shivering so bad and I did not want to wait until her fever spikes up so high that her mouth would turn blue again. I could not take that risk so at past 8 pm we were at the Emergency Room. It was just MIL, the baby and I since Ralph had to take care of Kayla. They checked her ears for possible ear infection but found none. So they had to check her urine to rule out UTI ( urinary track infection) and the best way to do that was to catheterize her. It was traumatizing to all of us when they did that. She was screaming her head off and just wanted to get up. Thankfully it only took about a minute then they were done. All her results came back negative which is good but still puzzling at the same time. We got home around 2 am this morning.

I just want to Thank God for watching over her and keeping her safe. Most parents should know how I feel. I would rather be the one that is sick than my kids. Its so heartbreaking to see them suffer specially when they cant tell you what is wrong with them. I also want to apologize to my visitors for not dropping on them. My daughter needed me and I had to be there for her. She is in my arms right now sleeping, very clingy, whinny but I would not have it any other way.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday Ride

Today we are here at my BIL house Angelo. Were in his pool and were just having hot dogs, hamburgers, corn, macaroni and pie. The two Princesses were in the pool as soon as we got here. It was a little cold but you know how kids are they don't mind. I can't go in the pool since its that time of the month so I'm kind of glad that nobody is bugging me to get in the cold pool, lol. I'm doing my post since the princess bruiser is upstairs taking her nap. I forgot to bring her swimmers diaper so she just had on her regular diaper when she got into the pool. It was hilarious when she got out since it blew up so much and it was so heavy she looked like a little bumble bee with her diaper butt sticking out. Time for me to go for now, were eating..

Friday, May 22, 2009


While I was still pregnant with Kaitlyn I watched T.V a whole lot. Most of the shows I would watch was about babies, women in labor, discovery channel and game shows. I was so into watching television that I had memorized a lot of the commercials shown. One commercial I remember was about Mesothelioma Lawyer and how they can help victims to asbestos get compensation. I had no Idea then what asbestos was about and how it could affect one's health so I asked Ralph about it and he told me that it a material used to build buildings, electrical insulation and many more. He further explained to me that a lot of people working in construction, demolition, shipbuilding industry and many more have gotten sick due to the exposure of this chemical. Their are 3 major health effect due to the exposure of asbestos:
  • Asbestosis - a serious, progressive, long-term non-cancer disease of the lungs.
  • Lung cancer - causes the largest number of deaths related to asbestos.
  • Mesothelioma - is a rare form of cancer that is found in the thin lining of the lung, chest, abdomen and heart.
That is why it is important if you have a relative or know somebody that has been exposed to asbestos and is sick, a Mesothelioma Lawyer can help get them the compensation they deserve.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I'm sitting here typing then I think, when am I going to breath naturally again? Ever since the start of Spring bloom my allergies have been plaguing me so much. I sneeze about a thousand times a day, my nose drips like a faucet, my eyes just wont stop itching and my nose is as raw and red as Rudolf. I carry with me a bunch of tissue everywhere I go, I'm so tired of feeling like this. When is this going to end? In the morning when I get up my throat is as dry as a dessert from sleeping with my mouth wide open. I had forgotten how to breathe through my nose and when the stuffiness would ease a bit it takes to much effort to breathe through my nose. I have been taking over the counter allergy medication and it helped at first but not anymore. I guess a visit to the doctors is eminent. When will a be able to breathe again?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Its been very hectic and stressful the past couple of days for both Ralph and I. Saturday I decided to take charge on loosing weight and used the Wii Fit again. While doing that the t.v kept turning off and I just brushed it off hoping it was a power surge or something. Sunday the television finally showed its last show, chocked and died on us. It was stressful on me, since Kaitlyn didn't have her usually shows to see she just kept following me and just rounding up a storm in our already cluttered house. I felt bad for Ralph since he knows we have to dip in our savings to buy a new television for the family room. Monday was busy with a lot of running around to do. We went to different stores to look and compare prices on television and finally settled on a 50" Sony Plasma Television and a new stand for it. As of Monday it is official, we are broke!!! With all that running around done and that lifting and organizing again, both of us need a well deserved vacation.

A vacation that we don't have to shell out any money since we don't have none so to speak. So I'm seriously considering about Kissimmee and the Freedom to Enjoy Sweepstakes. With our financial situation, that is the only way we can have that relaxing vacation we so richly deserve. The kids can always have fun in any of the world famous theme parks and water parks they have. This time I'm thinking more on something Ralph and I would enjoy. Ralph loves to play golf on the Wii so why not let him have a day of private golf lesson from a pro, and I will enjoy a day of pampering. That is what I call a body and soul relaxing vacation. For all you guys reading this and want a free vacation, join in the Freedom to Enjoy Sweepstakes. Prices at stake:
  • 3 weekend getaways (3d/2n) for 2
  • 2 week long vacations for 4
Drawings are as follows: 4/1/09, 5/1/09, 6/1/09. I don't know about you guys but I'm joining in this once in a lifetime free vacation to Kissimmee.



Photos were taken after Kayla's awarding ceremony last Friday. Kaitlyn wanted to be with her sister so bad that she kept following her and even went as far as going inside Kayla's art room class. The teacher didnt even see that she had an extra student on her hand, lol. We signed her out of her art class and we went to her room to get her book bag. Second photo was Kayla showing her baby sister where they sit down for story time and circle time. She showed her baby sister everything in the classroom and was so proud to introduce her baby sister to her teacher Ms. Fisher. She is such a good girl and little or big achievements we are proud of you manang..

Sunday, May 17, 2009


It's finally getting warm enough that I can wear short sleeved shirts and even short. Starting this Monday the weather is suppose to be above 70 degrees and maybe just maybe it will warm the pool enough for us to use. Still summer is looming and we still haven't solidified our plans were to have a vacation. I'm worried about Kaitlyn, we took her to a carnival here in the city but she didn't get to have as much fun since she is very young. If she was old enough Kissimmee would definitely be in our plans. Kayla is old enough to be able to enjoy most of the rides and even the water rides. If we ever decide to go to Kissimmee, the fun and activities is not only limited to water parks and theme parks. The have outdoor activities where both the girls could see wildlife creatures, zipping down the zip line and even a ride on an air boat. They even have a mini golf game for the whole family. I would should love to try that out and see if I could beat daddy at it. As for Mom and Dad not to worry, there is a luxury and after dark activities fit for adults. How fun it would be to have that vacation for the whole family. For other families whose planning a vacation, this whole vacation could be won by your family! Kissimmee is giving away a 3 weekend getaways (3d/2n)for 2 and 2 week long vacations for a family of 4. Drawing was held 4/1/09, 5/1/09 and another one on 6/1/09 is still up for grabs. Hurry check out Kissimmee and join the sweeps take to win that much coveted vacation.



May 15, 2009 Friday we went to Kayla's school to show how proud we are of her. She was among the selected student to win a Wilbur Award for being such a good student. It's the school's way of encouraging the kids and rewarding the good traits and attitude towards teachers and fellow students. She looked so beautiful marching in the multi-purpose room. Kaitlyn was of course all over her sister and while they were seated on the floor she sat in Kayla's lap the whole time. Kayla's mom Dawnita was also there. It makes me happy to see that event like these she will know that she is very much loved. Kayla, we love you and Daddy, Menie(me), Grandma and Kaitlyn are so proud of you!

Friday, May 15, 2009


I cant wait to have a warm sunny day again. It's suppose to be above 70 degrees starting from Monday until Friday. The pool was officially opened the other day but Ralph just completed the whole process of putting all the chemicals and vacuuming the pool today. Until the pool water warms up enough I'm not going to set my feet on that pool deck. Kaitlyn already had a little temper tantrum episode this morning when I let her little feet dangle in the cold pool water. With that said I would rather prefer that we stay indoors and watch television and maybe sneak in a few news here and there. Speaking of news have I got a good one for my reader. Do you know that Charter Cable is giving away huge prizes? That got your attention I bet. Joining is a breeze, all one has to do is answer questions about Charter on Demand and you could win $10,000 big bucks!! It just gets bigger and bigger, every week Charter Cable is giving away a 52" Sony Bravia HDTV that is until May 31. To find out how you can have more chances of winning click on the Win 10 Grand Contest Page. I would surely love to win such a huge prize or even a brand new television. Charter On demand also boast over 6,000 new movies and shows. Now that would be another great thing about the service.


Don't just take my word for it, check it out and get the service. And before I forget
check out Charter’s Twitter Feed and get updated on new features and services.


Music video of the new pop singing group in Korea. One of the group member is Sandara Park and this is my way of showing my support for her. She was a part of the Filipino Entertainment World. I wish you the best of luck SANDY "krung-krung" and more success...

Thursday, May 14, 2009


I won $7 in the Power Ball Lottery!I never thought I would win something,hehehe.It would have been better if it was the jackpot but I will settle for $7. Who knows the next time I buy a ticket it may be worth millions. Ralph however, didn't win anything so i told him I would split the money 50-50 with him,lol. I'll be buying another one this Saturday and I hope it will be the winning number. I can dream and all it takes is a dollar.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Growing up as a skinny minny I had always dreamed about gaining weight. It was a struggle for me to reach 100 lbs after the age of 18. My family is often amazed how a person who eats like a horse could be as thin as a twig. That all changed when I reached the ripe age of 23. All of a sudden I was over 115 lbs and I did now even notice it. I did go down and maintained my weight. Getting pregnant and becoming a mother also added to the pounds around my tummy and thighs. Summer is just around the bend and he can't be stopped. Our pool is going to be ready in a few days but am I ready to brave seeing myself in the mirror wearing my two piece bikini? I think not. I have been struggling with my weight for a year now. Husband knows about my desire to loose 10 lbs and be healthier. He encourages me to do some exercise but I'm just to lazy to do so he suggested walking. It doesn't take a lot of time and I can even bring along my kids with me and do some scenic walk while we are at it.

Now, my walking will be like hitting 2 birds with 1 stone. BeeWell Miles is donating $.15 for every miles logged at, this is to support the Breast Cancer Network of Strength. Can you imagine a simple thing as walking can be a way of showing your support to all those women who has been diagnosed with breast cancer as well as there families. Not only will my walk be to help me loose some weight but it will have more significant importance if I dedicate it to all those breast cancer warriors who have passed away and to those who are still fighting. By logging in my miles starting this week until October, I will be helping raise roughly above $45. That is a two in bundle I get to help raise awareness for Breast Cancer and I'm also helping myself turn a new leaf to a healthier and fitter mom. Let us do this together and walk for a purpose.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Folding laundry is one of the things I just don't like doing. It takes so much time and I have to separate Kayla, Kaitlyn and our clothes. It also doesn't help that I have a little princess bruiser walking around the house like a tornado. Wreaking havoc wherever she happens to be at. Taking stuff from the proper place and leaving them all over the house. The laundry is not exempt from her prying fingers. I caught her playing with one of my bra and she got so frustrated as she wanted it on her head but could not do it. It would keep falling off so I decided to put the bra on her. See the cheeky grin? She loves it,lol

Monday, May 11, 2009


Mother's day has come and gone but left memories for all moms out there to cherish. I did not forget to greet my mom on the special day and also to my sister who is like a surrogate mom to our nephew and also her Godchild. Mother's day in our house this year was just lunch at Red Lobster and a trip to the store after. Yesterday I was most thankful that I am healthy and still here with my family. In our age and time it is vital that we take care of our health.

It is already world spread news that Cryo Cell International has come up with a new study to make our monthly cycle " a monthly miracle". They have made it possible for us women to get a chance to preserve stem cell from menstrual cycle. This monthly miracle could be a potential life saver for us,our children and even up to the first degree family member, that includes my mom and my sister. With the vast resources of Cryo Cell International they have discovered a breakthrough yet again. It was in the CryoCell Press Release that I read that it has been discovered that adding menstrual blood stem cells to cord blood cells from umbilical cord increases the number of cells that grow into mature blood cells. Why is this significant you may ask, cord blood cell harvested from a new born infant is only enough for one child or a smaller adult.With the new progress made a cure could be available for more than one person and can be utilized for more cure and treatment.Now that is what I would call a miracle breakthrough.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


HAPPY HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THE MOM'S OUT THERE. I thank God for another year that I get to celebrate with my family. I love you MAMA and LOLA for all the love that you have shown us, the courage you have and the strength you posses. A true inspiration for me. Mama I wish I was just there to give you a hug and kiss you and smell your hair and feel the beating of your heart. I love you with all my heart and Thank you for loving me and watching over me until now.

Friday, May 8, 2009


Being a parent specially a stay at home mom is tough. Don't get me wrong, being a SAHM has its rewards and perks. For me the hard part about it is I don't get a lot of chance to mingle with adults like myself but the rewards still outweighs everything else. I get to watch every waking moment of my child, experience new things with them, get naps with them, learn with them and so many more. My youngest is 18 months old going 5, her brain tends to wander so much that she forgets she is only a baby. With a 5 year old older sister she loves following and imitating her. Lately she has been taking toys from her big sister that is not appropriate for her age and it frustrates her when she can't make it work. It's important that Kaitlyn has toys that is age appropriate and something that she can manipulate herself without help. Finding the right toy for her is easy when I have MEGA Brands on my side. Looking for the right toy for her was easy when they they have age bracket toys you can choose from.

The toy that I picked that I think she would absolutely love is the SHAPE SORTING PUPPY, a toy that will practice her shape sorting skills, colors, and most of all her fine motor skills. I picked this for her since she loves dogs and the shapes are big enough for her to handle and manipulate. Mega Brand toys has other added learning benefits that our kids can learn like language, creativity and imagination, reasoning and problem solving, colours and shapes, and fine motor skills. That is what a toy is suppose to be, fun and learning in one.


Its prom night for a lot of high school in our areas. In fact one of our neighbors oldest daughter is having her prom tonight. I wonder what it would feel like when its going to be my turn to witness that memorable event with my girls. Will I cry? Or will I be like a stage mother, making sure that everything is perfect. What will my daughters wear? Who will there escorts be? Where will they go after the Prom. Speaking of dresses, I was a witness to one Prom about 2 years ago. We just happened to be at the waterfront for the fireworks show when we noticed a lot of teenagers and limos. I just had to go over and take a look at what teenagers dress this days. My oh my was I horrified, embarrassed, shocked and mortified about some of the dresses or Slinky clothes that this young girls was wearing. I mean is Prom about how slinky and sexy you look in a dress? Is it all about impressing the guys? I wonder how some of those girls parents could let there little girls out dressed like they were hookers. I mean literally a lot of girls where showing so much cleavage, legs and back that you wonder if they are wearing only half of the dress. I may just be saying this since my girls are still young but I hope to God that my kids will have enough modesty to wear the proper outfit for the occasion.

This is just the beginning of the ranting of a mom of girls. I will be ranting more and more each day,lol...

Thursday, May 7, 2009


The weather has been very gloomy and wet here. It sucks since the kids can't go outside and play in the backyard. The little princess bruiser is getting cabin fever again. At least she gets to go out a little bit when we pick up her sister at the bus stop. There has been some sort of upgrading in the cable in our development. My girls get a kick out of looking at some of the construction that is going on. They get to see big truck, construction workers, signs and of course maybe a fiber trailer since they are digging up the ground to get to the cable. They are doing a pretty quick job at it though since they are moving fast and smoothly to. It helps when they have the right construction trucks to help out with the job. Since its Spring there is going to be a lot of Infrastructures to be build, cables to be dug and upgrades to be made. When we go drop off Kayla to Baltimore we often see a lot of construction going on specially on the roads and bridges. My friends husband has his own construction company and I cant help but wonder if they get all there construction equipment from the right company. I should give her a call and suggest they look into AL ASHER & SONS for top of the line utility construction trucks and specialized equipments.


Hey moms and dads, have you started planning your vacation? As for us we have been planning since winter. Now that its spring its time to start the ball rolling and get ready to have an awesome time for a vacation of fun and memories. Here is the thing, since we are just about an hours drive away from NJ its just fitting that we check out Morey's Pier in NJ. With two kids its important that we find something that our two princesses can enjoy. Its a known fact that New Jersey water parks is one of the best in the state. Since my BIL lives in NJ they might also tag along. It wont be a problem finding the right place to stay if we check out Wildwood vacations and what they have to offer. And guess what? Radio Disney Summer Concert Series will be held there and its for free!!!How can you beat that? A vacation plus a free concert and see Top Radio Disney artists perform.Now that's what I call a vacation. What are you waiting for start that plan rolling....

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


My girls playing a game of Nintendo Wii cart. Kayla the big sister is very competitive and loves this game a whole lot. Kaitlyn the lil bruiser loves to do whatever big sis is doing. They were giggling so much when I took pictures of them playing. Kayla just finds it so funny that her baby sister wants to play Mario cart with her. And as for Kaitlyn she holds the steering wheel like she actually know how to play the game. My MIL can't believe that Kaitlyn is only 18 months since she acts like she is older. Playing the Wii is one of our favorite family activity.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Have you guys seen the Movie " HACKERS?" it was about a group of young hackers blamed for this DA VINCI worm virus that would sink an oil tanker. That is one of my favorite movie and that my friends is how I came to know Angeline Jolie. Back to the real world now, how would you like to have in depth knowledge about IT Security? It's one of many high paying jobs that is slowly becoming more popular and it is very useful in this new era of the World Wide Web. Everything is almost connected to the Internet be it banking, education, work and most of all the defense of our government. How would you like to be a Certified Ethical Hacker? It is a skilled professional who has in dept knowledge of the vulnerabilities of a system and uses the same knowledge as malicious hacker. You also get to learn more about hacking laws, hacking web servers, viruses and worms, hacking email accounts and identifying terrorist. This course offered by EC COUNCIL could help companies greatly by tightening there IT SECURITY and making extra effort to protect the information of consumers like us. If I had the brains about anything that has to do with the Internet I would be taking this course without a single hesitation. To learn more about this just click on the links provided above and learn to be on the other side of the fence. As what the hackers in the movie said "CRASH AND BURN...MESS WITH THE BEST AND DIE LIKE THE REST!"



Who you might say that blood on the paper towel belongs to? No other than my princess bruiser. It happened before her afternoon nap, we were just on the couch watching television, me watching and her jumping and using me as a horse. She eventually got tired of that and decided she wanted down from the couch. As soon as her feet hit the floor she went behind the couch and all I heard was this bang and the next thing I know she was howling with pain. I turned around and there it was, BLOOD! I got nervous and scared right away, I knelled in front of her and put my hand on her mouth to wipe the blood but it still kept on coming. I jumped up and run to the kitchen but in mid flight I turned back to get her. It wasn't needed for she was right behind me following. I ripped a paper towel and put it on her mouth, grabbed a couple of ice from the freezer and begged her to put the ice in her mouth. Of course the lil' bruiser was in pain and was deaf to everything I was asking. Then like a light bulb moment It hit me that we had fruit ice pop in the freezer. I unwrapped one and viola! She sucked on it and finally stopped the bleeding. Poor little tyke got so much injury that day. Later that afternoon she fell of the kitchen chair and hit her head, also got a bump on her forehead from jumping up and down on her sisters bed and flying head smack on the headboard. Kids they keep us up on our toes. I'm just glad it was nothing major. I will just have to keep a closer eye on her from now on...
princess bruiser with a fat lip

Monday, May 4, 2009


As a father Ralph is a big advocate for Education. Our oldest Kayla is in Kindergarten and has only missed one day of school and it was due to circumstances that had something to do with her mom. I happily tell my relatives in NJ how smart my kids are and how patient Ralph is when it comes to teaching and helping do home works. I have a cousin in NJ that just graduated high school and is now picking a school for college. And with that comes decision about money matters pertaining to cost of education. My grandmother has been telling me that my aunt and uncle has been very busy checking out schools and of course helping their daughter get the right student loans. Ralph nephew Andrew is back in school but I wonder if he got the most out of his student loan. I should call him tomorrow and tell him about this student loan network that can help him with finding right student loan resources for his student loans.


This is my little princess bruiser. Its been her habit to smell the food she is about to eat first before taking a bite. I gave her a piece of our left over corn from yesterday. As soon as I gave it to her it went directly to her nose, lol.. She did enjoy munching on her corn and like a good girl she went over to the kitchen, grabbed a napkin and wiped her mouth. Sometimes I wonder how she got so smart, she acts like she is 18 months going on 5, lol. Children are so precious and Im one lucky mom to two smart girls..

Friday, May 1, 2009


Most girls dream of diamonds but a whole bunch of women have this love for shoes and more shoes. There is a little Imelda Marcos in all of us, even little old me. My mother was and still is a shoe lover. She had a whole collection of shoes when she was younger, different styles and different colors. It had to match what she was wearing and what she was in the mood for. My mom's love for shoes has apparently been passed on to my youngest. She is only 18 months but she loves loves shoes. When she meets new people she makes it a point to look at there shoes and if she likes them she will touch it. As for me, I still have that little Imelda in me trying to emerge. Since were in a recession my love for buying shoes has taken a step back. I was honestly surprised when I check out AMI CLUBWEAR not only were there shoes cute and sexy but they had a varied selection as well. My mouth literally watered and my eyes bulged out as I was browsing through the collection of shoes.

As parent, I make it a point to buy things that are comfortable and practical at the same time. But that doesn't mean that I will have to settle for anything less. I fell in love with this white open toe cuff ankle low wedge sandals as soon as I saw it and prayed that they have it in my size. With those sandals I can still run around with my little girl without fear of tripping and still look cute. And this is what I call walking in comfort and style. Check out AMI Clubwear and prepare to be boggled with all the affordable shoes, dresses, accessories that they have..



Yesterday was all fun and rides for us, well for the girls mostly Kayla. It was a little cold but we all had fun. Kaitlyn refused to get on her stroller and I had to carry her around since she will only go to her daddy once in a while. Wasn't able to take a lot of photos but I did get some videos of daddy and her girls.

While at the carnival I couldn't help but notice all the teeny boppers/hormone enraged teenagers there. I was disgusted with how our teenagers dress nowadays. Very tight short shorts, plunging neckline, tight short skirts, and boy jeans hanging so low, piercing and questionable hairstyles. The kids I'm talking about were probably between the ages of 12-17. I was mortified, horrified and scared witless how this young boys and girls were acting. Do you know what went through my mind when I saw young boys and girls together? Are this kids having sex? Are they doing drugs? I could not help but wonder how things are going to change in ten years time or less when my girls are going to be hitting puberty. I tell you, I got scared and afraid how I'm going to raise my girls. I told Ralph about my fear on our way home and he said that we will raise our girls with a lot of values and morals so that they will learn what is wrong and not be afraid to say no. As a parent of girls I'm really really scared for them. Young people tend to think they are immune, they don't think beyond that moment, they are impulsive, and easily swayed. Will I be able to raise and instill the values that was taught to me? I really don't know. Ralph and I will try our damnest to raise our kids to be God fearing, compassionate and law abiding citizen. This wont be the end of my rambling thoughts but this is what I have to say for now......

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