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Friday, May 1, 2009


Most girls dream of diamonds but a whole bunch of women have this love for shoes and more shoes. There is a little Imelda Marcos in all of us, even little old me. My mother was and still is a shoe lover. She had a whole collection of shoes when she was younger, different styles and different colors. It had to match what she was wearing and what she was in the mood for. My mom's love for shoes has apparently been passed on to my youngest. She is only 18 months but she loves loves shoes. When she meets new people she makes it a point to look at there shoes and if she likes them she will touch it. As for me, I still have that little Imelda in me trying to emerge. Since were in a recession my love for buying shoes has taken a step back. I was honestly surprised when I check out AMI CLUBWEAR not only were there shoes cute and sexy but they had a varied selection as well. My mouth literally watered and my eyes bulged out as I was browsing through the collection of shoes.

As parent, I make it a point to buy things that are comfortable and practical at the same time. But that doesn't mean that I will have to settle for anything less. I fell in love with this white open toe cuff ankle low wedge sandals as soon as I saw it and prayed that they have it in my size. With those sandals I can still run around with my little girl without fear of tripping and still look cute. And this is what I call walking in comfort and style. Check out AMI Clubwear and prepare to be boggled with all the affordable shoes, dresses, accessories that they have..



iceah said...

love the design really love sandals c:


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