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Friday, May 1, 2009


Yesterday was all fun and rides for us, well for the girls mostly Kayla. It was a little cold but we all had fun. Kaitlyn refused to get on her stroller and I had to carry her around since she will only go to her daddy once in a while. Wasn't able to take a lot of photos but I did get some videos of daddy and her girls.

While at the carnival I couldn't help but notice all the teeny boppers/hormone enraged teenagers there. I was disgusted with how our teenagers dress nowadays. Very tight short shorts, plunging neckline, tight short skirts, and boy jeans hanging so low, piercing and questionable hairstyles. The kids I'm talking about were probably between the ages of 12-17. I was mortified, horrified and scared witless how this young boys and girls were acting. Do you know what went through my mind when I saw young boys and girls together? Are this kids having sex? Are they doing drugs? I could not help but wonder how things are going to change in ten years time or less when my girls are going to be hitting puberty. I tell you, I got scared and afraid how I'm going to raise my girls. I told Ralph about my fear on our way home and he said that we will raise our girls with a lot of values and morals so that they will learn what is wrong and not be afraid to say no. As a parent of girls I'm really really scared for them. Young people tend to think they are immune, they don't think beyond that moment, they are impulsive, and easily swayed. Will I be able to raise and instill the values that was taught to me? I really don't know. Ralph and I will try our damnest to raise our kids to be God fearing, compassionate and law abiding citizen. This wont be the end of my rambling thoughts but this is what I have to say for now......


Sandi said...

I 100% agree and have seen the same issues. I have FOUR daughters ages 12, 9, 7 and 17 months..haha so you can imagine I have my hands full. I am more strict than most moms I know. I don't let them be friends with just anyone, they stay home most of the time instead of staying with friends and I limit the TV. I am very open and honest with my girls too about the world. My 12 year old is like a twelve year old SHOULD be. I don't let her dress like these other girls I see. She's a child and should act like one. I get scared thinking of these little girls acting that way. Great post!

Mrs. Mecomber said...

I know what you mean. I was terrified when my kids were young. My youngest is now 13, and my four kids are the BEST kids-- it's so amazing, they are such a blessing. So if anyone asks me advice about raising kids to be human beings and not the animals we see in the streets-- 1.) Teach them the Bible and show them the way of salvation through Jesus Christ, 2.) Do not send them to public schools.

I wish you well! You have a lovely little family.

Unknown said...

Of course you can raise your kids lods the way you wanted them to be, with the values and morals. You have to remember merica bya ni day, if sa ato place hapit na mga wala ang traditional filipino custom and tradition, nya mga kabataan didto very modern na sd kaayo, ni adopt na sa modernized world how much more pa kha dri nga advance in everything. Parents are the foundation, so it should start in the family.

Beth said...

You are right to be concerned and to be planning now how you are going to instill your values in your children. I have 4 teenagers so far, and I am thankful that none of them are the least bit interested in dressing or acting like that. Part of that is due to the fact that we have homeschooled them from the start, and most of their friends are also homeschooled by parents who are also teaching good values. We also do a lot of family activities together, and pray a lot for our children!


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