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Sunday, May 30, 2010


Kicking the bad habit is not as easy to let go. I tend to get addicted on certain stuff and will not stop until I have gotten my fix. I am not talking about drugs, alcohol or smoking. My addiction tends to point towards online games, craft, more online games and of course watching a marathon of different shows. Staying up so late at night and waking up early is wreaking havoc to my system specially my eyes. Ever heard of the raccoon eyes? Well, I have those from watching to much of Criminal Minds. I just need to finish Season 4 and 5, after that I will probably need more than the eye cream for dark circles. What I will need is some new set of fresh looking eyes. I'm surprised that I don't have bloodshot eyes when I wake up in the morning. Next week I should be done watching season 1-5 of Criminal Minds, after that I dunno. If my eyes wont fall out of its socket, maybe I will start watching another series like Bones or Law and Order SVU.


It seems like the Oil spill is still not in control. I would have thought that by now the Corporation responsible would have a solution already. My husband told me that the oil spill will cause a ripple effect on everything else. With the oil still spewing from underneath the water it seems like the marine life will suffer. As for those worker working on the rig I hope they got compensated for everything that they went through. According to the Louisiana Jones Act injured seamen and their families are entitled to compensation for the injuries they got. Hopefully the families of those men that got hurt in the oil rig explosion get the help they need. The most important thing that needs to be done is for the oil spill be controlled so that the marine life won't be in danger.


That is Andrew and his son Andrew Jr., its the little guys first time to be in the pool. The water is only 72 degrees but with the weather at around 87 it was perfect to be in the pool. He loved the pool but did not like the little float I got for him. He cried out so much so we decided to put him in the other baby floater that is made out of mesh. I forgot to take pictures of him in it, I was in the pool already. Water was so refreshing, if you get cold all you have to do is stay under the sun and the chill will be gone in a flash. He had so much fun kicking his leg under the water and just kept on smiling. Hopefully next year when they come down for the Summer he will be able to wear Kaitlyn's old life vest so he can just swim around to his hearts content without anybody holding on to him.

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