The Designers Chic

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Kicking the bad habit is not as easy to let go. I tend to get addicted on certain stuff and will not stop until I have gotten my fix. I am not talking about drugs, alcohol or smoking. My addiction tends to point towards online games, craft, more online games and of course watching a marathon of different shows. Staying up so late at night and waking up early is wreaking havoc to my system specially my eyes. Ever heard of the raccoon eyes? Well, I have those from watching to much of Criminal Minds. I just need to finish Season 4 and 5, after that I will probably need more than the eye cream for dark circles. What I will need is some new set of fresh looking eyes. I'm surprised that I don't have bloodshot eyes when I wake up in the morning. Next week I should be done watching season 1-5 of Criminal Minds, after that I dunno. If my eyes wont fall out of its socket, maybe I will start watching another series like Bones or Law and Order SVU.



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