The Designers Chic

Sunday, May 30, 2010


That is Andrew and his son Andrew Jr., its the little guys first time to be in the pool. The water is only 72 degrees but with the weather at around 87 it was perfect to be in the pool. He loved the pool but did not like the little float I got for him. He cried out so much so we decided to put him in the other baby floater that is made out of mesh. I forgot to take pictures of him in it, I was in the pool already. Water was so refreshing, if you get cold all you have to do is stay under the sun and the chill will be gone in a flash. He had so much fun kicking his leg under the water and just kept on smiling. Hopefully next year when they come down for the Summer he will be able to wear Kaitlyn's old life vest so he can just swim around to his hearts content without anybody holding on to him.



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