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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


As my mother turns a year older and wiser I cant help but worry about her health. She is not as healthy as I would like her to be, to top it off she has gained a lot of weight. Her hormones have been out of whack since she had to have a hysterectomy and one of her thyroid had to be removed. After all of those operation was when she started gaining a whole lot of weight and adding more complications to her Rheumatic Heart condition. It scares me to think that I may after all have that condition since its hereditary.

Now that I'm a mother I worry about my health since I have my two little girls to think of. I know there are also mother's like me who have to think about the future and that is where C'elle comes to our rescue. The company has come up with a way to harvest stem cells in a woman's menstrual blood. What we women dread about monthly could potentially save our lives and the lives of our loved ones. With the easy to use collection kit, harvesting that potential life saving stem cell is within our reach. For a limited time offer you can get C'elle for only $299 ($400 off on the regular price) when you use the promo code : CN400. Its time we take care of ourselves and have safety line for our future.


The day started off great with the twittering birds, warm sunshine and cool breeze. We were surprise how nice it was outside since it was suppose to rain the morning. Kaitlyn once again was out the whole afternoon. I had to put her down for her afternoon nap first. She slept for over 2 hours and was fully charged when we went outside in the front porch. We all went to the bus stop to pick up big sister and my was she happy to see all of us there. The kids kept playing in the front porch and also the backyard. We had pizza and cheese steak for dinner and ate on the back deck.

It was a different story after about 8:00 p.m. though, it started to rain cats and dogs. It was just pouring and then the thunderstorm started. I'm a grown woman but the thunder just scared me since you could feel the house vibrate. The sound and the flash of lightning was also scary. Thank God it didn't last that long of else I would never would have been able to drop on my daily visitors and readers. One thing with kids is that when they finally fall asleep they are deaf to anything, well almost, lol.


Its no secret that the economy has affected everybody around the world. People have lost cars,properties. The most sad thing about the economy is that some families has had there homes foreclosed on them, leaving some homeless. My BIL even hit a rough spot when his house was also foreclosed on him less than 2 years ago. Here is good news for people who are living in the State of Ohio with stop foreclosure ohio.There are ways to stop having your house foreclosed on you,check out the site for more information on how you can save your home. I hope they would come up with more talk about how to stop foreclosure in different States as this would be a big help to many families right about now. Take action now and lay claim to your home again.

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