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Sunday, November 9, 2008

HERE I COME Kmart !!!

Its no secret that we are all experiencing the economy crunch and its up to us to stretch a buck. Christmas is in a month and we all know what that means money, money, money. We have two kids and since our priority are the kids, husband and I are going to take a step back on buying something for ourselves. But since Kmart Lay-Away we don't have to skimp on ourselves anymore. What's great about the Kmart's Lay-Away Program is that you can actually pick an item you want, bring it to the counter and choose the payment method you can afford. That's what got me sold is the payment method. Frankly,we can't afford to buy something over $150 upfront cash down or even credit. With the payment method it's not too heavy on your pocket and before you know it the item is all yours.

Ralph and I have been discussing about getting a new mattress but kept putting it off since we could not afford it just yet and would wait until next year for the tax money. Well forget about next year's tax money, because Memory foam mattress here i come. What's not to love about the 6 " inch memory foam? It conforms to your body structure so goodbye to body pain, its soft but most of all its made from all-natural ingredients, by the time i lay down on the bed ill be in la la land.


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Friday MIL and I both got our flu shot. After the doctors we went to Happy Harry's to drop off her prescription. While there Kaitlyn saw this woman holding a big stuff Dora doll in her arms. Kaitlyn kept pointing to is and saying Dora, well in baby talk. She would try and grab the doll and would wiggle in my arms so she could at least touch the doll. I went on a hunt around the store but to no avail, finally i asked the manager. He found another Dora doll and i was floored how much it was, $19.99 Kaitlyn grabbed in right away and hugged the doll and squealed in delight. I went looking for MIL and complained how expensive it was. I was not going to buy that but the little one was so adamant and wouldn't let Dora go. MIL got upset with me for teasing the baby and not giving it to her. I only had $15 with me and she immediately volunteered to pay for the rest. I'm still hurting by that buy,lol but when i look at her and how happy she is with her doll it magically disappears.

So here it is, her newest pal bigger than life.

It's almost as tall as her but she carries it around the house everywhere..


Divorce is a very tough thing for the family both emotionally and financially.The division of property is one of the financial burden that Ralph has been trying to get done and over with. For over a year now Ralph has been trying to sell his boat. He doesn't want to but its part of the property settlement of his divorce. Its not easy trying to sell something you love. I for one have come to love the boat and going out boating in summer time. Last summer we didn't really get to go out boating that much since that baby was still to young. Ralph and I did go out twice just the two of us on a date. I helped him wash, clean the boat and even sewed up a tiny portion of the seat cover that came off. We have had several offers but nothing ever pushed through since the offer is way below the value of the boat. He has tried putting signs in front of his boat, telling the marina personnel that his selling his boat, advertised on the news paper and still nothing. Then I thought about iSold It on eBay many people from all over the world have chosen to sell stuff on eBay. From the jewelries, toys, clothes, art and many more. And who knows we might end up having to say " going going and gone!"


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