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Sunday, November 9, 2008


Divorce is a very tough thing for the family both emotionally and financially.The division of property is one of the financial burden that Ralph has been trying to get done and over with. For over a year now Ralph has been trying to sell his boat. He doesn't want to but its part of the property settlement of his divorce. Its not easy trying to sell something you love. I for one have come to love the boat and going out boating in summer time. Last summer we didn't really get to go out boating that much since that baby was still to young. Ralph and I did go out twice just the two of us on a date. I helped him wash, clean the boat and even sewed up a tiny portion of the seat cover that came off. We have had several offers but nothing ever pushed through since the offer is way below the value of the boat. He has tried putting signs in front of his boat, telling the marina personnel that his selling his boat, advertised on the news paper and still nothing. Then I thought about iSold It on eBay many people from all over the world have chosen to sell stuff on eBay. From the jewelries, toys, clothes, art and many more. And who knows we might end up having to say " going going and gone!"



Anonymous said...

you're right momi lods, when someone goes through a divorce, it is very difficult to divide the "shared property". so it's better to just sell it and settle it once and for all.


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