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Monday, November 3, 2008


The much awaited ELECTION of the century is going to happen tomorrow. The polling place I'm sure will be jam packed with people of all ages, race, religion and sexes. I hope MIL will be up and about and out the door early in the morning to line up to vote. I'm kind of worried about her going as there might be long lines and long wait. She had both knee surgery last year and i told her to bring her walker that has a seat with her tomorrow so if she gets tired she can sit on it. Ill be watching the news and robbing the kids of there show tomorrow... To all the voters out there, please be prepared, safe and choose wisely. Go out and vote!!!



Is said...

There are many reasons why I *used* to admire the development of the U.S. as a country and their beliefs: freedom of speech, freedom of religion, etc. I respect people who do follow a faith and path of "goodness", kindness, tolerance,...etc. I just wanna say "Happy Voting to Americans"

Anonymous said...

regardless where you look at it, this election is going to be a historical one. Obama could be the first African-American President, McCain could be the Oldest President elected on first term and Palin could be the first Lady VP.

i just hope that whatever the outcome of this election, it will save America from its turmoil. God bless America!

Unknown said...

Congratulations with the result.

Many people here stayed up all night to see the results coming in.

Dede Andro said...

You've been Tagged!

Anonymous said...

I'm very happy with the result. As an American living abroad, it's nice to know that people back home make a fantastic choice.


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