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Friday, December 18, 2009


mommy moments

Once again its that time of the week where we get to showcase our favorite mommy moments with our kiddos. Every single day something happens that I treasure and it will be forever in my heart. Today, I we were at the Chiropractor and while the the doctor was adjusting me Kaitlyn was following his move. She would get almost on top of me and put her arms around me while I was on the table being adjusted and imitate what he was doing with matching sound effect (uummmggghh). I just cracked up laughing coz she was just so darn cute even the other patients that were their were smiling and the people who work there. The doctor even said that he would like to take a video of Kaitlyn doing it the next time.
my birthday at BIL house.

Kaitlyn is a handful and at her age she is very very independent, she wants to do stuff on her own and if you try to help her she will get very very upset. My oldest daughter Kayla also cracked me up when she tries to talk to you in a big girl was and say big words that she has a hard time saying. I'm not a perfect mother but I try to be a good mother nonetheless. For more of Mommy Moments click on the badge and it will take you to other mommies with interesting and heartfelt stories.

my girls sleeping together in Kaitlyn's old room, it was on the floor, lol

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