The Designers Chic

Thursday, May 28, 2009


Its been two years that we have lived in this house. Two years and yet we still need to fully furnish our entire house. We don't even have little knick-knacks decorations since I have a little toddler in the house. Decorative candles are not even safe, it ends up all chewed up and all over the house. We made a conscious effort not to buy new furniture for the living room since we converted it to a playroom for now. In another year or two I hope to have a living room, a family room and a nice dinning room. Finding the right furniture, hardware and accessories to make a house a home is not that easy. One easy way of looking for furniture to beautify your home is by going to some website like hardware Toronto. Where you can have your pick of the many styles and selections from Exteriors Lights, Hooks and Brackets, Heating Registers and Electrical Plates, Safes and many more. For now, I'm more inclined into looking to get a safe. Husband is a Police Officer and he comes home with his gun. I would feel much better and safer to know that when he brings it home the kids wont have access to it. With kids around you will never know what they will get themselves into so its better to be safe than sorry.

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