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Tuesday, January 13, 2009


One of the many problems of women is the unwanted hairs. No woman would want hairy legs, face, underarm and of course we always want to look good in our bikini's. In today's technology there is a lot of laser hair removal techniques that not only women can benefit but also men. Its not at all an uncommon practice for men and women to go to a saloon or spa for some hair removal treatment. Nowadays permanent laser hair removal are not only fast, quick but also painless. The benefits of laser hair removal is its painless, quick, safe, very convenient but most of all its a nonsurgical procedure. All the doctors that perform such non surgical treatments are all the best in the field of laser hair removal training. The video can speak for itself when it comes to the best of the best and the benefits of having laser hair removal.
Laser Hair Removal Video

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Today was spent sticking close to my little tornado maker. We both took a mid-morning nap, she woke up shortly before 12 p.m but for some reason i was so tired and i couldn't make myself wake up on the couch. I just left her playing in the family room with me while i was on the couch and she on the floor. She was trapped in the family room since i made sure that the ottoman blocked her escape to the other rooms in the house. When i finally woke up i had such a big headache and felt miserable. To make matters worse we had a play date with a couple of Kayla's friends. I asked Ralph if we could have it tomorrow since i really didn't feel like it but Kayla has girl scout tomorrow. I just took Tylenol and hoped I'd be better and i was wrong. Until now i still have a throbbing headache and I'm afraid i may be coming down with something, i really hope not. The play date was a success though, the girls had fun i just didn't get a chance to take a picture since i was also busy making dinner. Were planning another one though but i hope it will be at Kelly's house.

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